ITA-ENG and group D

was an awesome match, rooney is shit tho
pirlo almost made me a lot of money with that free kick goal at the end but oh well, fking bad luck.
eng skill drop in worldcup as usual
:( no buffon
:) colombia won
greece is low-/ max
Uruguay dissapointing
Costa Rica surprise team of the WC?

Also lol @this group D standings

image: 1545987_10154264214415564_4828269022533760054_n
Did his knee 6 months ago, didn't recover in time
Spain lost me money
Uruguay lost me money=> last one needed in a combo of 5 matches (i went to full rage mode)
Pirlo lost me money
Croatia was pretty strong but not strong enough to make me lose money

Yeah, great cup so far... fking FIFA prolly fixed all the matches (joke).
Looking forward to the Belgians 1st offi.
Quoterooney is shit tho

Rooney played very well considering he was being played out of position for most of the game.

Quoteeng skill drop in worldcup

As an England supporter tonight, I was impressed with them, they played very well considering it's all but a new team, they had a lot more goal scoring chances than Italy did, even more so in the first half, just a shame they could not take advantage of them.
OMFG, what a loser, being impressed for losing :DDDD
Indeed, they outplayed Italy over the 90 - I am more impressed with that performance than any since 98.

If we go through I think we can hurt a few of the more open teams, Italy stance of 9 behind the ball was pretty much the only reason they won. Actually looking forward to the Uruguay game now, first time in forever - if we knocked them out that smug twat I would love it ;)
I think every team has to sit down and figure out a way to stop Pirlo, that guy is just scary good. Unpredictable who will go through, England showed they can finally do good in a world cup. Greece sucked so hard I was rooting for Colombia. Uruguay seems lacking in everything, also really nicely played by Costa Rica, let's see if they develop in the future or if it was just one good game.
Italy playing boring as always Some Finnish guy made a lot of money thanks to Italy =)))
im a big rooney fan, but have to agree with paul scholes: its time to bench him. England lost because he missed perfect scoring chance.

there are young, ambitious players in England. Let them play.
but dat England goal was 90% from Rooney, dat perfect cross :P

England played well, they deserved atleast a draw :S
thats true, but hes a top class striker, he cant miss 100pc shooting chances. and he always played bad on big cups.

i dont know why whelbeck got benched, he was really active, unlike rooney who basiclly got only this one pass. next match i'd like to see barkley and Wilshere from first minute.
yeah and oxlade is really good too :) I feel like England is playing very well but still can't manage to win, that's strange :S (I'm cheering for England and France :P)

And about Rooney he's by far my favorite player for years (ye I'm not a CR7 or Messi fan at all) so I'm not really objective but when you have such a player you can't really bench him because he could strike an awesome goal at any moment even if he missed a lot before ^^
Misses happen, his attitude was dire though - whining at his own team, really shouldn't be playing he was our worst performer by a mile.
Worst? No. The goal was all him and Sturridge. Italy played very well strategy wise and tbh I'd pick Henderson for your worst player of the evening. One thing that I really didn't understand is why was Baines not used more on offense, he's a super good left back and his left foot is top notch :p Your best players last night were Sterling and Sturridge
He wouldn't have had the chance to cross the ball so easily if it wasn't for Sterling.
divebeck was worst :D and Stevie didn't have much of a good game. For next game I'll put Lambert on in for Lolbeck, Lampard in for Gerrard and let one of the youngsters start (Wilshere, Ox, Barkley).

Sterling quality btw
agree with you!! Rooney & welback out, Barkley & Lallana in :)
wtf uruguay... I just lost 25 euro on them. Thought they had a chance to win WC but oh well
With De Sciglio instead of Paletta it would have been another Match :P
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