Game collections

does anyone of you collect games for pc or something else like snes, atari or sega?
i got a litle pc games collection for quake, wolfenstein and other id titels myself.

so if you got em, tell me your collection ;)

122 steamgames count?
Got like 40 games on Sega Saturn and around 10 on Nintendo 64
~40 Super Nintendo, ~30 Game Boy, ~25 Nintendo 64, ~50 Playstation and ~30 PC titles through collecting and trading.

Some are worth like $200 on E-bay now.
what'chu know about chrono trigger sample rom son just sold this little baby not long ago to some retard for 500$ haha
I have floppy disks of Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. When it was made by MUSE Software :D
all gta games for pc excet gta 5 ofc, all FIFA Manager, all Gothic titles...

otherwise 527 on steam, some on origin, some on gog..

so dunno if you see that as "collecting"...
got 100000000000000 cracked games, cds and dvds everywhere xD
whos not?! this doesnt count :D
My dad used to be a huge fan of Nintendo, so we have a NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube with around 200 total games. The PS2 was the last console system I played before moving to the PC, and I still have about 50 games for it. Never really got into the Xbox, Wii, etc.

The only PC games I've spent a lot of time playing are C&C: RA2, Q3, ET, and QL.
here a picture of one of mainly every wolfenstein in order
image: wolfevo
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