Costa Rica vs Greece

Another crazy match!

I'm so happy that Costa Rica made it! They deserved it! These guys are amazing.

And cya Greece, you might want to stop defending all game and work on your offence in the future. My highschool team probably had a better offence than you. Change your fucking playstyle already.

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Another 30 mins + penalties, yet I still watched that boring shit.
2-3hours of my life gone to waste.
:DDDDDDDDDDDD same story here :D
:D same here, although i bet all 1/8 matches and i was with costa rica here, so im happy anyway
i typed all 1/8 matches correctly, hello moneyz:D now quarter's, im with columbia, germany, holland and belgium this time :P
schade kresti, next life maybe :D
more hate next time steeler... btw how did Denmark play? oh wait...
QuoteChange your fucking playstyle already

so they will play as good as denmark? ow wait, they already play better, advancing to playoffs of WC. and where was denmark? watching WC in TV?

while you may dislike greece playstyle, its amazing they play so good without any big stars.
Greese plays the same disgusting shit tactics since 2004.. Ridiculous how shit they are
they are shit, yet reached playoffs.

you have to understand, they lack class players, with offensive abilities, therefore they play the most reasonable style for them: strong defense + counter attacks and free kicks and corners.

its not pretty, i agree, but it works for them.
Quoteits amazing they play so good without any big stars.

They are not playing amazing, they just defend all game. You saw their offence yesterday? They played 11vs10 and they still barely scored. Their offence is horrible. Personally I hate their playstyle since it ruins the flow in the game. But some people might actually like it, dunno.

You're right, Denmark didn't play well and failed in some important matches which ruined our qualification. But we did have a tough group and getting 2nd place wasn't bad. And you might want to stop bashing on Denmark when Poland failed to qualify as well.
On behalf of all Greece, we are sorry we don't have the flair and fast paced style of Colombia or other latin american countries.
Poland failed, therefore i dont bash teams playing in the WC. Because CLEARLY they are better than my national team.

greece plays the way allowing them to get decent results, with rather medicore players. Thats amazing. No point in shitting on them. If they had good offensive players, they would prolly play fast and nice games. But they dont have such guys.
The fact that some teams are in the WC doesn't mean that they are the best european teams. They could just have an easier way to the WC. I think that a team like Sweden might be better than a few other european teams(greece/russia) or atleast at the same level. Ukraine could be mentioned as well.

Also I don't want to bash on Poland but they kinda dissapointed me. I feel that you have a strong squad with some scary individual players, the Dortmund trio comes to my mind. You also have some younger talents afaik. Atleast thats what I noticed when Denmark played against Poland last year.
Robben will destroy them

cu in semi final Argentina or Belgium
I hope Belgium :{DDDDD
no loser bracket ?
+1 with the offence it was horrible to watch...

and gekas should stop play already he is just bad :(

CRC deserved
You can't fault Gekas for the penalty, but you can say he's bad generally.
ye wasnt about penalty, can happen to every1, in general he was just not in the old shape as he used to be :p
Karagounis und paar andere auch.

Man of the Match für mich Holebas
Nicht war, Karagounis war bestimmt einer der besten von gestern.
ja mag sein aber mit solchen spieler kann du doch kein fussball spielen die machen alles so lahm du brauchs junge leute egal wo gibt zwar paar ausnahmen die mit 31 noch gift haben wie robbben aber karagounis gekas katsouranis die zeit vorbei von den sollen den jungen den weg frei machen
Griechenland hat gerade kein besseren spieler. Es ist traurig, aber es ist bestimmt die Wahrheid.

Sorry for bad german btw.
Wait, what match did I see then? Costa Rica only had 1 chance and it happened to be a goal. Greece had more ball possession, more chances and deserved more to reach the next round, because they simply played better. I don't usually support Greece, I generally cheer whoever plays better objectively, which in this case happened to be Greece.It's rare but it's true.

Mitroglou is not in form the last months and Samaras is not a goalscorer type, and we don't have any other good offensive player. Like hitsu said it's not pretty that we have to rely on counter attacks and fouls/corners, but we don't have a Messi or Robben to carry us.

I agree it was a boring match, but to say that Costa Rica deserved it more because they played better, get bent. Both teams were equally shit, perhaps Costa Rica more so, but the only reason Costa Rica advanced is because of Navas, nothing else.
Greece was miserably bad offense wise. Finishing was terrible, some crosses were good but I (+ a lot more people) don't get why they didn't use the side of Junior Diaz more who was defending poorly and let everyone go through him... And to top it off Greece could not score when they had a chance of 5vs2, at the level of World Cup every chance like that should end up in a goal :P
gj Costa Rica!
they played 10 vs 11 for a long time, and still - they did it!
dont forget that greece also played 10 vs 11 for 60 mins against japan and got the draw ...
hit the the crossbar 3 times vs ivory coast and scored 2 goals ...
I have Costa Rica for my football clubs WC sweeps so they clearly played very well.
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