image: France-vs-Nigeria-World-Cup-2014-Round-Of-16-Football-Wallpaper

What are you thoughts guys ? I really hope France takes this but I have bad feelings :D

If Enyeama doesn't go super-saiyan-mode then 2-0 for France with Benzema and Pogba scoring !

inb4 "which one is team France ? huehuehuehue"

still sad NIG - GER wont happen :(
nigeria symbol is NGA
i have no idea what team is on the screenshot, but its not nigeria flag. this is

image: flaga-nigeria
Ye i saw that aswell but still NIG-GER happened xP
The team in the screenshot is Niger, which is neighbor of Nigeria
He's also my neighbour
wanted to write this :{DDDD fuck u
i agree with this !
fr wins
I definitely wouldn't underestimate Nigeria. They had some bad games this WC so far, but they can always surprise.

I think it depends on whether the French midfielders play aggressively, if the game becomes more open, Nigeria will definitely get deadlier.

Giroud and varane scoring!
Should be a good match. Nigeria isn't a bad team. But I stille think France will take it since they have been playing really well in the groupstage.
if they didnt have jerseys you wouldnt even know which team was the african one
Deserved win, Nigeria had some ideas but couldn't make a decent chance. Still, Matuidi should have gotten red without a doubt.
great game and big win !! credits to deschamp to sub Giroud who was pretty shit , Griezman bring some speed to our game and Benzema upfront is in his natural and best role. nigeria couldnt play anymore and were exhausted at 80mins mark.
hopefuly algeria beat germany tonight now =)))
Deschamps > Blanc sans aucun doute
griezmann super choix tactique
agreed on most parts but it was a very average game, not a great one :P
Sorry to my french mates, but this game was a FUCKIN SHAME.

No penalty against Evra although the ref saw it and even said to evra "don't do it anymore" ??
This fuckin Matuidi cunt should got the red card. How possibly the ref cannot give a red card??

I was a neutral supporter before the game but tbh, I just hope Germany will kick them out
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