Need bandmembers


The night before I released my new single from year 2007:

After receiving loads of positive fanmails I decided to build a band, and probably make some music videos, and play live concerts over ETTV.

So if you feel like you are musical enough and like this music genre, contact me. I myself play luger and landmines mostly.
Stenplayer needs to be pretty talented.

bands poster:
image: Untitled-1_zpsa4e895a8
I'd definitely come to watch this :D
You can be a shoutcaster with freecam in live sets. Need someone with great cameraman skills so the show looks like an eurovisionish..
12 points for team Nessed and lugerkids!
I'm pretty good playing the mortar
I am good on vocals. Been praccing the V button for many years.
Great! Vocals are important.
Im good with a triangle
Can be an excelent addition to the band with remarkable skills + Able to properly make my flute and piano sound like they were mp40s and thompsons, wait no, but still, you want me in your band!
Shut up to twat.
ha, you're one hell of a mad and stoned nerd
You are a cheating arse hole. I honestly hope you die soon.
Can't stand the fact that someone is better than you, how cute :D I remember such a behaviour from my 9 years old brother
You will never excel my level even with cheats. It is kinda cute that you tried to get on my level via cheating though. A lovely touch.
I wish you the bestest of luck out there! You will prolly receive the most viewers any ET related band will GET!
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