Airplane shot down by Terrorists

QuoteA Malaysian Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in eastern Ukraine near Donetsk, according to online reports.

On board were 280 passengers and 15 crew, Russia’s Interfax news agency said.

Anti-Russian activists in the Ukraine claimed it was shot down over territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

Interfax quoted a source in aviation circles saying the flight was about 80 kilometres from Russian airspace.

The plane wreckage was said to be on fire.

Euromaidan PR linked to several videos showing thick plumes of smoke coming from an unidentified site.

Ukarine’s Espreso TV reported that pro-Russian militants had recently received anti-aircraft weapons capable of shooting down planes at high altitudes.

However there was not yet any official confirmation of the crash, or its cause.

Rumours say terrorists took down the plane

image: fdc65db2-c6d3-4292-84c3-bc3a9d9d088e_500

Confirmed photo
lordi wtf
russia is the cancer of this world
Russian is denying the involvement. They say their missiles can only reach a height of 4000m.
I just heard it was Ukrainian missiles that hit the plane. But it still doesn't change the fact that Russia provoked it.
and you say that based on this mainstream media shit that has full control over you
Ma nigga, I can talk with you.
oh yeah sorry. It's all the medias fault. Russia best country on the world together with North Korea
Hmm can't open the link
try refreshing once or twice
yeah it worked now. Actually it's kinda weird. It looks like a normal country on these pictures.
I've read so much shit about North Korea. That people didn't even look at the tourists and that they rarely smiled. It seemed like a fake place full of propaganda. These pictures doesn't show that.
It's really hard to choose what to believe. Anyway I was somewhat "shocked" by those pictures and whole article, as it wasn't what media told us about north korea in the past.
I agree. This article was like the opposite of what I heard about North Korea.
At least they don't need to worry that their giant bronze statues get stolen by some lowtards from another country.
My best friend has been to North-Korea a few times. Ofcourse it's not like a concentration camp. Freedom of speech is very limited though. Saying bad things about government figures can get you into trouble real easy. He had people follow him at all times and he had to delete certain pictures, especially those who exposed less sanitary practices. I don't really remember the details, but I remember him saying that it's a really strict country when it comes to freedom of speech, media and overall freedom.
your words, I'm not defending any side here, just pointing out the fact that you are controlled by the media
he took you an entire fucking city :DDD
rumours arent a proof, it was just an accident.
too bad jack bauer wasnt there to save them :S
oh god :(

ww3 is closer than we think
For Polaks, you're still safe in Finland
dunno bout that.. once russians get started they might just roll over finland for funs
It's a shame you don't have Simo Häyhä to stop them damn Russians any more!
tru dat but luckily we got swanidius
true words, but i think this will be cold war 2.0 - a media, money and energy war.
but also possible humans will show their entire idiocy again.

german media says it flew 10km high ans around 300 people inside
Hope no war cuz no ET otherwise
war could mean possible background for ET2 in 2066
government fags should just play a game of chess to decide who wins instead of wasting peoples lives
I'm retarded on things like this, but isn't a 10 km altitude completely out of reach for conventional rockets?

Edit: unless of course they used fighter planes to bring it down.
10km? thats nothing lol D:

anyway the seperatists already claimed and confirmed that they have "buk" which is more than capble to shoot down that airplane:

image: 90diz5
Who said terrorists did it? it could be Russia or Ukraine as well,I would say that it was Russia.
it was baq's pf
Probably blame it on lag
Baq's big head hit on the plane
Ukraine considers Russian separatists as terrorists, that's why.
World war 3 incoming.
British Airways, Lufthansa & Air France announced that they'll avoid flying through the crisis areas in Ukraine. Sadly it took ~300 lives for them to decide that. Majority of the victims on board were from Malaysia, the US, Dutch & a few French people.

Personally I don't care which party shot down the airplane (if it was shot down) but I just want to say that Slavs are dumb as fuck which is also why an incident like this ever happened.

Quotebut I just want to say that Slavs are dumb as fuck which is also why an incident like this ever happened.

Actually it happened before. USA shot down an iranian plane. Not only "Slavs" are dumb then.

Also it doesn't really matter which party fired the missile, if russia would mind their own business this would never happen.
You misunderstood, I didn't mean that this has never happened before. What I meant was the stupidity of Slavs in general being the reason for what happened :P
shit is about to hit the fan
Obvious its from pro-russia rebels. What are we waiting seriously, we need to get these kanker down.
Fucking cancer Russians.
Too many fucked up countries in this world. fighting with each other for what? Rhetorical question.
Sovereignty, resources, political beliefs, personal vendettas, religions.
does anybody have images of the plane ?
false flag ftw :>
and most russians love poutine , he is doing good job
not enough we cant see shit :( wait and see need more informations tbh
Pro russian rebels posted/tweeted they had shot down an ukrainian plane a few minutes after the crash then quickly deleted the message but people screenshot-ed it, that's seems obvious but of course - don't jump on conclusions, it's way too early.
ww3 incomming?
half europe is fighting in iran/iraq/afghan people fighting in other countrys like syria and shit and people think we are still waiting for a ww3?


i would surprise me if we weill enter 2015/2016..
“There is no doubt that the country on whose territory this terrible tragedy happened bears responsibility,” Putin was quoted by Ria Novosti news agency as saying yesterday.

This guy is seriously retarded. I still wonder how such a retard can be a president.
Well this was only a matter of time because EU / UN really did not do much to prevent something like this from happening. Now it might since the plane had citizens from many countries (mostly NL) who had nothing to do with the pissing-contest between Putin / Ukraine.

And Putin once again does his best to show that James Bond villains are based on real life people. Brava Russia
fucking insane. i agree on some previous comments, the world is already at war, atleast there are some large regions like near/middle east , ukraine etc..
ALthough i dont think there will be a big war like the world wars of the 20th century used to be. Id rather say theres going to be constant war in some zones between the 3 big Worldpowers USA/EU, Russia and China.
Welcome to 1984
Ukraine isn't a part of EU, otherwise it would a big a shit storm when crimea was first taken over.

World was always at war since the recorded history. We are just starting to find out more, although we dont find out much because a lot of it is brown people killing brown people in the jungles of sub-saharan africa.
but its at the border of its influence sphere. I just meant that conflicts between the big states/ state communitys wont be fought directly but in these kind of border regions between the influential states..
As the crimea conflict is obvious a strength test between russia and the USA/EU-Alliance.
The EU wanted to make a free trade agreement with the ukraine. Long negotations, in the end Janukovich dident sign, and theres a revolution suprise suprise. Now the transitiongovernment signed the agreement olol. ( Russia doesent want to loose influence and supports pro russian seperatists...
Your very true about the history of war, but i think with all the advanced technology and smaller groups/governments having bigger influence then ever its a difference now.
exactly like 1984 tbh
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