New song!

Made a new ambient song, would appreciate feedback.

Oh yeah, hi there, been a while! Is Crossfire still active?
Nice track. I see it as a background track for a profile video of a company that makes green tea or hot sauce.
Thanks! Had old medieval RTS games in mind while making this, but I guess an ad will suffice too (although I think it's a bit dramatic for that hehe :P)
sounds like a 5 years old got himself a guitar from daddys closet
Wow, he must be a natural then :D

But if you're not trolling, I assume you're saying the guitar sound doesn't sound realistic enough?
Pretty good!
Sounds pretty good for a commercial about better life/places to live where life is better :D
7/10, definitely good. Maybe add a little more variance to the guitar at the end so that it doesn't repeat the same tone as it does in previous parts of the track? Maybe it would break its balance. Donno what I would change really.

Didn't care much for the house track though, sounded very generic.
Cheers! I actually felt the same about the guitar but couldn't really find a solution. I'll try adding in a new melody or changing it up a good bit in the last part.
i liked it.
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