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Hello Crossfire!

16.08.2014 is the date when the best football league in the world, England Barclays Premier League officialy starts!

I created a league last season, so I re-created it in this year as well! As I can see some of the people from previous season are already in, but new ones are more than welcome to join us!

Code to join this league: 196548-96059

share your teams guys, unless you don't wanna tell us your future fantasy pl stars :p

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this is how my team looks at the moment
lol my team looks so much different now, only got 5 out of 15 players from this pic right now :D made many transfers before deadline + some adjustments in the meantime.

Lloris - Inanovic Janmaat Clichy - Ramsey Hazard Sigurdsson Sterling - Costa Rooney Naismith = #1 CF League
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Bony got this

image: bony
tak tak tak tak tak fanatic!!
thanks, was looking forward to this.
will join up tomorrow
No idea how to get the picture of team :(
You press prt scrn, you upload your picture to any website and you post it here
Don't listen to timbaland, use your phone camera and take a picture of your monitor, more secure ;)
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Game is easy
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