Robin Williams RIP

Actor and comedian Robin Williams found dead in California home, according to local police

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damn, r.i.p.
here comes the (fake) Robin Williams fan
Yeah it fucking sucks.
Martin Lawrence in drag is totally ready for Mrs. Doubtfire 2
flubberrrrrr neeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(
RIP first normal journal of Bobika
facebook tell me that :(

used to watch his peter pan film like every day when i was a kid ;(
the fuck you still alive ? :o

RIP :(
xD ye! maybe some ET, maybe some CSGO dunno yet!
better go for some cs:go !
his fanpage on FB got 700k more likes since midnight
Sucks. Rip.
rip in piece image: Kappa
Tell me again, when did you last think of this good fella since the news of his death?.. fuck's sake
Sad news undoubtedly, was a great man with nice thoughts and great ambition, but just to clear the air, until his death, none of you paid attention.. Fuckers.. RIP.
Dude if I were to think about every talented/wise/etc person on the world every day then I would spent my whole life on that. It doesnt mean you shouldnt care about someone like that dying though, you sad fuck.
It's not about me being depressed or sad, that doesn't matter in this case. Just bobi here again proved his worthlessness by just trying to make a "big" post in CF. Sad cunt. Of course I'm sad about this awesome dude passing by, just this shit makes me furious like when MJ passed, people started to love him, even the fuckers who flamed on him firstly. So much hypocritism. That's what I don't like.
You are kind of pathetic you are trying to insult someone based on a fucking topic about someone's death.
It's either called spreading the news, or retards like you would likely call it attention whoring, if someone else would do such a journal, I really don't think you would be stupid enough to post such a bullshit comment.

I loved his work, and just because I never made a journal about how amazing he is, I didn't admire/like him? Jumanji is still one of my favourite movies, same as Mrs. Doubtfire and I still got both saved on VHS, rather stay quiet next time then insult for absolutely no reason just to get more attention from retards like you.
You being the retard on every Cf or gtv commentsection, how about you smother yourself with some cock, you piece of shit fucktard. This post is the most irrelevant thing about this guy's death, you getting "fame" on CF about making a "100 comment" post or whatever, isn't that what you're about in this community you little piece of shitnugget. Asshole, get a grip of your life and move away from your mother basement before trying to flame me on saying the truth, asshole.
I almost started to feel that you may have used your brain to actually post something meaningful, such a shame. Fame on crossfire? You must be really demented or I don't even get why someone would do such a thing and nice of you to put so many insults in one post, proved how smart you are!
And I wouldn't give a toss if admins would delete it and someone else would make that topic, I just saw the news on twitter and thought no one else may have seen it, because it was already 1 AM, so I simply made a journal and spread the news.
It's kind of sad to see such a pathetic loser to pick out on someone even because of this, flame me elsewhere for reason that makes sense, this is absolutely shit from you. But what else to expect from a retard like you.
XDDX:DXDXDXDXFXD Crossfire's best comment award material!! XDDD:DDD
There is a difference between MJ and Robin Williams. Who could hate a guy like Robin Williams? He played a big part of our childhood. Unlike MJ he was just a normal man that never did anything extraordinary. He was such a great actor and comedian.
MJ was just normal man? never did anything extraordinary? XD
You do realise that it's Robin Williams I'm talking about?
You're a fucking moron
Amazing how 4 words can be so true.
5? But yes :P
And there will be always people who flames people who CARE!
:XD dem mad geeky nerds __î
XDDDDDD High standard conversations! :)
:XD:x::D/:d:x:/D/:x:/D mita kuuluu colonel woony hendrix minun kaveri voi vittu!!
Well, your ignorance or not being able to admit that you're no one in this community is just a great booster for me to say that no admin will ever delete this section. I'm pretty sure of it, that most fellows here have the same thoughts about as I do. You are never happy with anything going on here in this community, flaming and blaming anyone not doing decent job or not doing what you like. Fuck you for this at first place. The game is dying and you still have the trollheart to flame on everything good that comes around. That said, moving on to next subject about being "smart", I can articulate in english almost as good as native speakers, me myself being finnish/estonian, saying, that you are about "fame" in this community, most of us will agree on this, since you're trying to fit in in every discussion there is. Try to please understand, that I don't have any personal hate against you and everything isn't about you. This journal is still about you, not Robin, cause you just need them clicks, don't you? And comments as well, well I'm giving you my point of view, accept it and stop bullshitting. I know players in this community, who are long gone and will never return and you have never seen them playing or played with them. Understand the fact, that you are no one here. Just some NBS admin who abuses and tries to sue everyone who beats them for cheating. You're just a kiddo, who nobody cares about.. capiche?
rip in peace
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