Crossfire shredded ??? part IIII


yesterday before bedtime, gotta check out that shredd before bed.
image: 10584776_1544848742405025_1668857426_n

I gotta share this recept with you guys, perfect reefed day:

50gram outs
50gram chocolate protein
1 tablespoon coconout oil
1 teaspoon cacao
add stevia
little little water, take a spoon and blend all, then in freeze for 30-40mins AND IT ITS AWESOME!

I do this recept x4-5 * ingredients

Add some banana icecream, ( only bananas ) like 3-5 banans that you have froze down and then u mix the in a blender and it become icecream!
image: 10584811_1478699585732947_673291063_n

Do you have any nice recept to share ??
Over n Out
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I don't want the best version of myself, I want the best version of you.
We wanna be like you :)
50gram outs
50gram chocolate protein
1 tablespoon coconout oil
1 teaspoon cacao
add stevia
little little water, take a spoon and blend all

blender is now fucked
Just lost 12 Kg weight and now it is time to gain some muscles!
how u do that ?!
eat healthy:
  • no more frozen unhealthy fast food stuff
  • no more chocolate
  • a lot of vegetables and fruits
  • a lot of fish
  • only good light meat (chicken etc.)
  • no more toast bread. Only whole-grain bread
  • don't eat anything right before you go to sleep
  • no more noodles!!!
  • only once in a while a pizza or kebab
  • only once in a while alcohol
  • 2-3 the week sports
Loads of bullshit. None of that is needed, none of that is necessary and some of that are just pure bullshit not backed up by anything.

What matters is calories in and out. Simple as that. Losing fat is easy. You can do it without any kind of exercise. You just need to have discipline. Consistency is the key.
No shit? try eating chocolate, fast food etc and still have low calories then.

The goal of everything i said is to eat as less calories as possible and burn some at the same time. If you follow that steps, you will eat low calories anyway. It is not bullshit you twat
I can easily cut by eating junk food, and in fact I do it. Nothing you mentioned is unhealthy per se, or bad you for (except for alcohol).

You just seem to be ignorant and giving retarded advice. Also, again you mentioned "burning calories at the same time". Not fucking needed. Stick to giving basic decent advice and leave advice like that completely out for fucks sake.
And I lost 40kg eating low-carb, and eventually low-calorie. What matters is calories in vs calories out, figure out your TDEE and eat under that.
QuoteWhat matters is calories in vs calories out, figure out your TDEE and eat under that.


More people should understand this. It's fucking simple.
And just like that I'm gay.
I'm available for you.
Oh, you want a threesome!
make that four brah
Its officially a CF orgy! And ofc ur accepted, with that fitness body, oh god :$
just started working out again after alcoholic mode this summer, time to get shredded....FUUUUAUARKKKK
bro, summer is for dirty bulking, not giving up all together
i'll remember this for next year :o
Legs n back tomorrow
do you cheat there too?
was ist nur aus meinem lieben ruhigen nB Kitt geworden :(
ist doch eine normale Frage :D
aber generell :'(((
queer eye spotted, bro
Do you read RedPill?
wow dude u still here
those arms are sick
Masturbation level 999
Just noticed the fingers on the phone, oh my :X
little sausages! Gaha
small fingers, small dick.

WeatherisveryCold :(
you look sad on the last photo
Last march I started my lifestyle change. Went from 120kg to 87kg where I am currently at now. Want to lose around another 3kg as I still have 20% body fat, but my skeletal muscle mass of that 87kg is 40kg which is strong / above normal. Just have to get rid of the remaining puppy fat but not set out on a six pack or anything
quite respectful, I'd say!
I was around 78 kg before I met my girl friend. she said, that men below 80 kg are smurfs and she is completely right. Since March 13 I am playing rugby and ever since i gained massively. and due to a dislocated shoulder in march, I had to go to the gym to build up. Now I am close to getting back into rugby training and I am already hyped to fight against the next team. Right now, I am around 98 kg, which is too fat but not too heavy.
Will tell you more in you version IIIII of my progress.
o_O 20kg zugenommen? Nur weight gainer gestopft oder was? :D Hi2 u btw :)
nein einfach mal ein bisschen richtig ernährt und halt physisch anstrengender sport 3 mal die woche, das geht schon :) ich hab noch nie so zusatzzeugs oder irgendwelche pulver gefressen... ausserdem geht das bei mir extrem flott mit dem körper, ich kann schon bald nicht mehr einen rucksack anziehen, weil es mir den wegen dem trapezius von alleine abzieht xD

hi2u, zurück! hab von dir letztes mal so ein bisschen gehobeneres gelesen, dass hat mich also schon ein bisschen irritiert. kenn dich so gar nicht :s
lost 11,5 kg since january, still at 83,3, needs some more work, stil l got too high % of body fat, cant workout for the nexst months until i move though :(
when i started to drink max i reached was 0,35 liter vodka -- now i can drink almost 1liter and i am still fine -- was hard to reach this level but i have still a far way to go ---- wanna reach 1,4 liter (two bottels of finnest whisky)
maybe in 2 years will see
you play hearthstone? i think i played someone named samraj yesterday in arena.
sorry mate i do not -- the only game i play beside ET is RISK or Warlight
I'm on the gallon of wine a day diet.
from 99 to 71 now 81 becoz i got my girl over 1 yr -.-'
CSGO.. don't forget CSGO!
when do you take botox man, you get a old face jesus
Fucking crossfire, best fit/gym forum in the whole internet!
Will try that recept out today! Protein powder with stevia will work il guess instead of taking extra stevia?
Quoteadd stevia

image: 35c0gav
Yeah, went from 105kg to 65kg from 2011 to 2013, then to ~75kg while working out (decent muscle gains, some fat) this year.

Had quite the dirty bulk this summer though, up at about 80kg and lifts haven't increased much.. Guess this winter will be a hungry one as usual ;) for pix
Looking good <3

These results in 3 months is pretty neat
How the fuck them tits
That change for 3months is weird and amazing :D
Nothing extraordinary. Every healthy male can do this in few months even without serious commitment or attention to diet. Google newbie gains.
I didnt have much time to go in the gym regularly in the summer, but probably will have the time once school starts again... It just seems a huge change to me, that's all, wonder if I would be able to achieve something similar in 3 months :D
Yeah, I understand that it can seem amazing. Of course you could achieve something similar to this body transformation. Consistency is the key. Just gotta have discipline.

Try to find the time to start training. It doesn't require lots of your time. 3 hours a week is enough, training every other day the whole body. It will seriously be worth it in so many different ways.

What I always recommend for beginners is to start educating themselves by reading this quite known website:
He gives a lot of good advice for beginners regarding training and nutrition and bashes the common myths there are around weight lifting in general. Bookmark it.
It does indeed!

Thanks a lot man, appreciate it.

Gonna give it a read. :-)
I'd recommend StrongLifts 5x5, a three days a week-program where each session is under an hour -- quite an easy (in terms of time invested) start, and gives decent results (it's the program I followed).
better do martial arts and learn how to breathe, move etc.. will give you muscles too, but more important the mental strenght
Weightlifting for sixpack or smth is bullshit, will just block the energyflow in your body
yeah alexL, stop doing what you enjoy! start doing martial arts or whatever, it's totally useful
You're a fucking ignorant twat. Stop spreading complete bullshit and go educate yourself.
image: 1896836_214267765437408_412113359_n

punky squatting hard
thats not punky by the look of these panties
soz punky too busy partying hard at portimao :=D
i bet u poop funny
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