So basically:
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The harddrive is still recognized when I hit F2 when I boot.

I tried to reinstall the BIOS by downloding the bios from here with an extrernal usb using afudos. Not sure if I did it correctly or if I should have actually not done it this way, but anyway when I enter the command to install it says the "bios is write-protected".

I went through a lot of nerdy forums without finding anything helpful. I don't know if I am looking too far or if it's a lost cause, but since my drive is still recognized, I think I just lost a boot.ini file or something.

(I already tried removing and cleaning harddrive.)


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Just need to turn the GATER switch on.......should fix that a treat
Were u hoping for the journal to be about u? :D
I had that problem at my friend's laptop, fixed it by simply fixing the boot order in bios, where one HDD was excluded.
Hey already tried that. Its for a sony vaio laptop, and the only harddrive slot is used and is recognized, i think it just cant boot. Anyway thanks
Hum, its kind of strange, but if u can try format it, if even after that wont work, then its 100% sure somewhere at bios boot order.
is this the only message that it displays? not even a small bios note?
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