23-10: Dragon's Hearthstone ODC #3

image: 2vxq79y

Cup date: Thursday the 23th of October, 20:00 CEST (GMT +1)

Team format: 1v1

Additional information:
Broadcast: No
Shoutcast: No

How to sign up?
Register your account via this link and create a profile (Join -> Player). Make sure you sign up using your Battle.net battletag (for example timbolina#2912).


Please join us on teamspeak: ts.doubledutchdragons.com during the tournament to ensure clear communication with the admins and other teams. And of course to have a great time!

1. 2x Booster Pack Code
2. 1x Booster Pack Code

NOTE: Battle.net limits the amount of booster pack codes you can redeem to 5! If you already redeemed 5 codes you can give away these codes to someone else. We do not have a replacing price as Battle.net doesn’t allow gifting Expert Packs.

Miscellaneous information:
Signups till 19:59 CET (GMT +1)
Check-in start from 19:30 till 19:59 CET (GMT +1)

Schedule (CEST - GMT +1):
20:00 - 20:30 Round 1 (Best Of 3)
20:30 - 21:00 Quarter Final (Best Of 3)
21:00 - 21:30 Semi Final (Best Of 3)
21:30 - 22:30 Grand Final (Best Of 3)

Sign up link: Click here!
Website link: http://doubledutchdragons.com/

The DoubleDutch Dragons enforce the very same rules the ZOTAC cup uses. ZOTAC cup has the full copyright of these rules and the DoubleDutch Dragons did not help in the process of making these rules.

You can view the cuprules here: http://hseu.zotac-cup.com/en/statics/rules

If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin.
The first edition Germany s1LENT, Germany kRESTi and Poland duch (upload) played the HS cup. Was great fun. If you are interested don't hesitate to sign up!
u should add this timbolina guy ended up not winning a single round
give me your id noob
too low sry :(
says ranked 25 player :S
image: Tz3Sfi6

cu in Round 1
you'll be able to spec me in finals

cu bb no re
gg nice allowing busted cheaters in ur cups!
I joined yesterday, why can't I see my name :(
You joined this cup:


You need to enter ur battletag bro, otherwise ppl can't add u. SPOT THE NOOBY!!!!
Oh :P can you add it for me?
playing card game on computer
nice life
inb4 Germany gr0ss winning this
are these cups only played on thursdays?
We have a MEGA HS cup this Sunday. http://www.crossfire.nu/journals/152916/nl-dragons-mega-day-26-oktober#c4405032

With a cool prize. (I think you are Dutch).
i am dutch but living in the uk. ill have a look at that thanks! what kind of level would you say these cups are?
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