Well did decide to write an journal since my GF is pregnant and ive been playing ET since the beta pretty much to ask if theres any other "very oldschoolers" around and no I dont mean the guys from 2-5 years I mean the real old schools, just asking how are you doing :)
cool to be oldschool
are u that chef i talked to @ #crossfire?

edit: are u the father? lel
and ty, sorry about beeing rude :)
you're welcome!! :D Good luck tho! babies are cute but they wont let u sleep :PP
Having a baby at age 25? Ya dun goofed faget
I'm doing fine bro, thanks for asking. Congratz with the baby! Boy or girl?
having a beautiful baby girl :)
gratz mate
5 years, 8 months and 22 days odlschool :Ppp game time only counts as long as CF age.

Yeah, too bad i didnt make cf account since the beginning :( tho cf didnt exist at the beginnin ;)
Crossfire has been alive for over 10 years now. So it's like 1 year of difference between W:ET and CF ;)
9 years and 10 days oldsch00L!

i am doing fine and my girlfriend is also pregnant :) so congratulations ! mine is only 12 weeks, so long time to prepare for my little awesomeness who will become world champion in everything! :D

how far along is ur girl? 20 weeks?
umm should come to birth at 22.12, so 34 weeks? :D
haha i dont know xD that week "thing" makes me confused :DD y u no say months haha but christmas child nice :) its gonna be a very happy Christmas for you :) and mine is set on 26.05 and my birthday is 31.05 so awesome birthday coming up :D
Let's just hope the baby does not look like the mailman.
hahaha :DDD
ty to everyone
onnea pennulle :)
6 years, 5 months and 29 days

still not enough ;(
You are too newschool to understand the real oldschool talk.
keep in mind that you are low fucking minus.
nice own
I'm so oldschool that I'm still running a 2.32 server, one of the two left

Also GL to your future newborn, I hope he grows healthy and a productive member of the society
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