Extraction/Dirty Bomb

Is anyone still playing it?
Is it ever going to be released??
Any changes/improvements since summer?

The "closed beta" has been running for a while now.

I preordered Brink, it is still laying somewhere unwrapped...but dunno about Extraction, sorry!
1. Many ppl who got invited in beta still play it. Usually around 8 pm cet 1 SW server is full and 1 OBJ server is like 50/50 full
2.It is going to be released but i dont know date. It is sooner then later.
3.I think it is getting better and better :P generally ;)
Was in alpha and early closed beta, then they switched to Nexon and things went to shit and I couldn't receive updates and after trying to uninstall I couldnt install the game at all anymore for no reason. I sent multiple tickets to Nexon customer support but literally takes months for them to reply, unless they just change the ticket to solved without talking to you or solving it.

Downloaded Nexon launcher couple days ago again and managed to install it. Game feels okay, it's much more oldskool FPS-ish than for example TF2 or CoD. I haven't played a whole lot of pcw's but the ones I did play were pretty nice, it does capture team based okay-ish. Some balancing to be done obviously, maps and mercs are still weird to me and when it comes to the whole 'customization' of your mercs(champions/heroes) and skins they still have a lot to do but I honestly don't care about skins etc if the gameplay is solid.

tl;dr version: It's getting better and better, slowly but I think thats better than a rushed project. I would play definitely play it with a team when the competitive side gets more organized(ladders, cups or w/e)
go play reflex lol, nice one by me
It could be something if they remove all the public shit classes and the wierd stuff some classes can do.
The game is smooth now atleast.

But I am still in love with ETQW, that game was great! atleast in the start when it was active with great players around =)
was okayish, didnt like the movement thought
first it was decent but then they released some weird classes and i didnt like it anymore
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