weird lags #3

since i'm tired and i used the search before i created this shit ci just gonna use kuraigu post from couple of years ago with my actual screens...

started like 2-3 weeks ago

image: tusf5zo3

image: sb2rw67o

what i tried:
reinstalled et with different setups on different harddrives, reinstalled gpu driver, adjusted sound settings, disabled sevearal background shit like punkbuster, antivirus etc.
changed resolution, tried windowmode, changed graphic settings @ cfg
disabled wh&aimbot

So anyone has a idea except for installing windows again?


Your HDD is fucked up. You're welcomed.
Quotereinstalled et with different setups on different harddrives
Sounds like HDD/RAM related, in that case you're fucked.
Quotereinstalled et with different setups on different harddrives

also other games work perfectly and i tested my ram with memtest already
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
CWELAC won't let me
refrigerator trick?
I had that as a result of PB services
r_primitives 2
Not the solution
Had this, wen't away on it's own, didn't do anything but deleting all other mods but etpro. Also in etpro folder you might have some defected soundfiles that cause this. You are welcome.
not rly since its a fresh install and no .tmp files or other mods etc.

but yea i hope it will fuck off from nowhere like it cam from nowhere :S
pb_nosleep 400 ?
unknown command :D?
It worked for me when I was using PB on pub and had these huge FPS laggs. PB was causing that problem.
Think it's pb_sleep
tried that, no change
hatte mal das selbe problem; habe mir einfach einen neuen pc gekauft lOl
hm wird wohl noch etwas dauern, aber kannst ja wat spenden höhö oder ich sollte einfach nen musel werden :S
kenn dich nich
nich so frech
Dear Kitt, I have the same problem. It appears when for example when some well-known guy telling my team that for example allies captured the flag, also when dyno blowing up - I have fucking crazy unhuman lag. It makes me so crazy, Ive started to belive that there is something wrong with my head, cuz nobody belived me. Right now I can see that Im not the only one. It makes me happy and also sad, cuz winter's comming - we should work hard and try to resolve this fucking issue. From my side, I offer my full comitment and promise that I wont give up.

Would u join me, my little german friend?
The post says it happens when a sound file is played. Why hasn't anyone including OP considering installing/reinstalling sound drivers or diagnosing a sound issue? This is actually very common for fps problems in video games. Check your sound card / motherboard with sound chip drivers.

Also, you can post your config here and I'll take a look at it to see if there's anything really bad:

Also, deleting all the mods besides etpro didn't solve that other guys problem because those folders don't get used at all if you're playing etpro. The only folder that could affect etpro besides it's own folder is etmain.
didnt pay attention if any sound file is played during the lag... then it should lag when i choose another class aswell which didnt happend...

cfg: painfull to watch..
seta r_lodbias "-3" <- invalid setting, 0-3 avi... 0 high 1 medium 2 low.. 3 custom (don't know how to use custom)
seta r_ext_texture_env_add "1a" <- invalid setting, 0 or 1 should work.. forgot what it does

sound settings look fine
hm used those settings for ages now.. but i will try it, thanks
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