2 headsets

just out of curiosity, why teams/players use 2 headsets on lan? one as headphones and the other just around the neck as micro?

One is for sound cancellation other one is used for the microphone.
The one used to cancel the background noise has earplugs underneath.
oki seems legit ;D
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what viko said, though they use the 'microphone headset' simply because sponsors make them show the brand etc. the mics on those would probably be horrible with crowds screaming etc so I'm always clueless as to way they dont have a better solution for the mics (like clip-on mics and there are boom mics that u can attach to any headset)
Well they all (really, everyone :D) use SteelSeries flux earphones and as you two said, the monster ones as noise reducing headphones.

And also mostly the newer version of Siberia's cause they got the "noise cancelling bullshit"
the one with microphone is the headset they bring with them (sponsors and shit) and the one they have on head is simply superior when it comes to noise cancellation (playing on stage and shit)
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