sup France :(

Gunmen have attacked the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people and injuring seven in an apparent Islamist attack.

Allahu akbar they say

Viva religion. Peace. Much peace
fuck all of those retarded islamist


rip dead ppl ;(
I saw so many gore/execute videos on the internet but this one hurt me so much. Fighting pencils with assault rifles. How fair. Sad day for us :'(

I really hope some medias across the world will spread the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in homage to them.
It's horrible what's going on nowadays. I wish we could live in peace without all those things happening. It's a shame that we can't be one community which accepts and respects eachother.
Islam showcase
religion is harmless :):):):)
now we all cry because this happened here -- but no one cares what we do in their homecountrys
fuck ISIS
Mossad or CIA organized isis?
blablablabla we dont know who the fuck did this. rip to all victims.

What a terrible day... Agnosticism saves lives, people, everyone should try it!
Some people really need to educate themselves about the difference between islamists, muslims and terrorists
Apart from that let's act like we care because some people died and social media said to go outside to show our support when we never did while they were alive. Bunch of hypocrites.
I don't get your last point. Why would you gather on a public place when there is nothing "precise" going on? I think you'd spend your whole life (including nights) gathering and showing your support to people in danger, to people whose freedom is endangered, etc. There are a lot of people out there. And yet they don't get shot with war rifles on their working place every day. So when it eventually happens I don't see why it's hypocritical to be supportive bro.
Even if I'm not the perfect citizen I support freedom of speech in my everyday's life and I don't need to see 12 deaths and social medias to show my support. I think I'm more supportive this way than rising a pen @ a public place just to easy my conscience and because social media told me to do so. Not that I wanna look down on my french compatriots but the recent increase of votes for the "extremist party" show the way they care about freedom of speech and so on...
gj sionist
Retour Allah case départ !
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