Active streamers from CF

This journal will list active streamers from the ET/RtCW scene, whether you stream ET, RtCW, or some other game.

Netherlands 7ele
Brazil abs1
United Kingdom ant1y
Netherlands aureon
Chile casek
Latvia Clown
Hungary cONY
Belgium eron
Belgium Hellfig
Slovakia filuS
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Hungary Fobje
Finland froxe
Croatia frozz
United States of America hayzay
Netherlands iNsAne
Netherlands kApot
Scotland Jinosta
United Kingdom koop
Finland lettu
Netherlands Lightning
Belgium mAus
United Kingdom med1xza
Netherlands Media2005
Netherlands mEnace
Germany mental
United Kingdom MerlinatoR
Finland miNd
Netherlands MOTiF
Estonia Night
United States of America ohurcool
Netherlands outlAw
Poland OZIoski
Austria potter
Germany R00NNY
United States of America Raider
Germany raSen
United Kingdom rAzbo
Netherlands rezhni
United States of America Sabo
Germany ScaTmaN
Slovenia seareal
Hungary sebi
United Kingdom Shaman
Finland Spugedius
Germany stRay
Finland Sungi
Finland Swanidius
Poland szczurek
Netherlands timbolina
United States of America Tupac
Belgium Twikii
United States of America Warwitch
Sweden Weslann
Poland WuT

If you would like your stream to be included or if you know of a streamer who is/was a member of the competitive ET/RtCW community, feel free to leave a comment with a link to the channel.
Hey I stream a lot of ET Artstar why you hating and deleting my post
nice lies

just for that you aren't getting added
Reported to TSB Management section. Case will be investigated in near future.
As for now comments can be deleted. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
no low+ pls cu lan
You know Horu$ from Epitaph, Team-NL, Bonzai etcetcetc?(its like 10 years ago maybey more)
Made a new name,

Have a great day )
same, we looking for 2 more players for our ranked squad
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