ET connecting ppl?

Swan - woott?
Spirea - Annu?

I also know a couple from Poland who met by playing ET and now they are married.
Seems that gaming can lead into something serious.

Is this becoming a thing?
I mean more and more ppl play video games worldwide.
true story, i got 4girls from the internet atm one even has adhd
w3st - shimmie
I remember another couple, really oldschool one. Think it was lunachick with Angrykid but I might be mistaken.
or Straf - Lady also
oh really?
You're correct about lunachick!
last i heard they got divorced also? :P
I'm not sure, it has been years since I even heard their names now! From what I remember they lived not too far from me when I was living in Wales
sqzz and JW too (or maybe that's not her name ?)
Picked up a girl from the internet once, but her dick was bigger than mine so it didn't really work out.
Germany PaRzi and I, been living together for a while too ö_ö
Just people sharing an interest, not much different from other social interactions, apart from the risk Frop mentioned :D Anyone know how Sight and Fasolka are doing? Haven't spoken with them in ages :p
Wasn't there some Estonian girl which was really good at ET and also dated/was married to an ET player? (luda?)
first time I witnessed it was United Kingdom w3st & Norway shimmie as mentioned above, I was like 16 years old and playing 3on3s with them every day, I had no idea at first that they were into each other but I worked it out pretty quick. :D

anyway yeah it's pretty common because we're quite a tight-knit community, easy to end up playing with/against the same people many times. and also easy to know who is who (CF+GTV+IRC).

e: actually there was one more instance before that (of 2 ET friends I knew) but it didn't work out. :S guess I was 15 then.
They were always great fun to play with!
dTEC7 + chickita??? Or at least I think so, haven't seen dtec7 online last half a year.
Playing cs all day getting carried by chickita :DDDDDDDDD
Well chickita was with another ETPlayer before that, but..........
but it's not anyone's business
which is why I didn't finish anything x) just about that there were more bRomances in the ET community :PPp
he shot more hs than the last guy
you got something to say mate?
United States of Americaohurcool and United States of Americapeaches have been together for 5 years and also have a kid together. It's a funny story because Ohurcool and peaches use to play with United States of Americasandbag. Ohurcool started getting closer to peaches and sandbag got a little jealous and brought it up. They told him they would stop but they countinued their late night teamspeak times and eventually sandbag got mad and left the team and Ohurcool and peaches got together. Love em both <3
hahaha ipod never disappointing me
Fairly accurate.
tapsa - crosby

on a serious note, didnt weak and annajr had something..
Evilynn and Jahe(? or something)
Basty and squall
Oh ja forgot about Evi and Juha!

Also, baggiez(?) and nebu
me and your mom xd
that Angrikid guy found love on CB aswell, he so charming he could get anyone but he loved only that certain girl.
Estoniamant & EstoniaRaul for like 4 years now i guess, we were separated for some months but we were able to work things out :) <3
mant is just a random w*ore and you bought him for the next 15 years or so.
23 / M / England looking for woman who can teach me how to play ET (maybe more). has to be impressed by my shitty lack of aim and hs. pmme your applications
not dating nicon anymore? :sss
He wouldn't play baserace with me last night (not joking) so it's over
Swiruz and azpiliqueta
Germany Sight & Poland Fasolka
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