#FREEABJ once again!

It is funny to see how many of you easily start hating people instead to actually listen and help them. Where are those people who were with me, who wanted to help. Journal dissapeard and everybody will forget about my situation soon.
I think it is not hard to be associated with well-known cheaters from my country, because the most of bans in ET comes from Poland. But it doesnt mean that I use some cheats aswell. Just beacause I am from Poland, playing well, it doesn’t mean that I have to be a cheater… Filus, you also played with well-known cheater(upload?) and I`ve never called you that.

I have never been busted nor being douchebag to anyone on crossfire or gamestv. Nobody openly called me a cheater during all my wars, ettv matches and suddenly there are people who knew I was cheating and will still believe in that no matter what. Ban = Polak = cheater (You don’t need any proofs for that)

You already know that but according to CGAC crew I supposed to be cheating in one official 3on3 match where btw I was really bad. All I heard after that, doesnt make sense. This information about loading (at the beggining of war) and turning off immediately as they said... I dont know how cheats work and I also think that I am not the only one (after reading the comments from the last couple of days). Grzesiek said that it is impossible to turn off cheat while being
ingame. So you have to turn off ET and turn it on again. Also I`ve heard that .exe files might cause fake ban. I know nothing about it, but anyway people advised me to scan my PC. You’ve already seen the results of that (WuT`s journal) but I will post it once again with some addition printscreen showing an answer for all doubters. Checki it out again:

image: 2e31537c7c27c12da409cf12f187b1ad

embarrassed said that I could download those malwares after ban, but the fact that it was on my PC before this ban. Here you go:

image: cc64b14f26db91de975d95cdab694b71

The funny thing is that I have nVidia gfx, I have no idea what ATI folder is doing here.

image: a5905eaefe0e71963fe4c77a6735a258

My ban (and proofs) doesn’t make sense at all. I want to ask ohurcool as our main admin (who probably should know all of this stuff) one question:

Is it possible that those malwares and trojans might cause my ban? Are you sure on 100% that your anti-cheat software is perfect and there is no way that it have some bugs?(I want to hear it from ohurcool not you embarrassed). There is two possible explenation for my ban: these malwares/viruses (according to what I've heard recently) or some CGAC failure which about I cant say anything more, which also admins cant explain/they don’t want to admit that It may
happend. Rules made by you don’t give me a chance to defend myself, but the truth is that these are the only possible explanations of my ban.

To be honest, the ohurcool`s behaoviur is so disrespectful to me as a player and the active member of this community which I am for over last 6 years. His private responses are laconic, he doesn’t care if his decision are wrong or not, he is not interested in of my arguments, he just do what he wants. I feel like he suspects that he can`t give a solid proof, so he prefers to wait out my drama. The argument that they do not want to inform potential cheaters which programs
cgac detects is completly irrealavnt to me. Why? Because I don’t care about scumbugs cheating in our mostly dead game. It is all related to me now and hiding one “top secret” information about hax which was, in their opinion, turned on during one 3on3 ettv war for a second (?), where btw I was playing bad. It is one big misunderstanding of your job here. If you claim that I am on the top of some bunch of cheaters, who can be informed what cheats are detectable, we live in two different worlds. Truly, no words for that. How should I feel if admins and some of you are not interested in the truth, judging me on base of the anti-cheat called CGAC, about Ive read so much whine in the past. Admins are wilingly protecting, as I can see that now, their failure project called CGAC or their wrong and reckless decisions. Moreover, hiding this kind of informations means that our CGAC isnt perfect at all – it means that some cheats are not decteable and ,what is worse, hiding the weakness of this program is more important to admins than just members of this community.

Is your motivation to keep ET alive by banning clean players? Good luck with that! Good luck with upcomming LAN called “Reborn”.

So the new version of cgac (1.6) was released 18.12.2014. Me and WuT were always searching for offi not just a pracc, the reason is that we wanted to play without any cheater in the opposite team! Everybody knows that. Our team has never tried to avoid using cgac.

A lot of examples where I played on updated cgac:


In this match i got banned:

And there was nothing wrong one hour after when I was playing decent:

Most of the people here can say that tzac or even pb was much better than this cgac and I have never been busted by any of them just because I never used anything. But you also remember that TZAC and Pb sometimes made mistakes, is there any possibility that cgac also makes mistakes?

I think the same story can happen to any of you in the future:

Imagine this, just put yourself in my position. You are playing for 6 years clean, never used any kind of cheat. You were on lan and played well. You dont have any cheats on your PC. You dont even know how to use them, suddenly you got busted. You ask why, there are no answers from admins, because it is in their policy, so you dont have any possibilites to defend yourself. All you can do is posting a journal, trying to explain these awful accusations.. If you don’t defend urself, you let people call you a cheater forever just for nothing. Nobody wants to believe you. But at the end, the only help you can get is from the community.

Now here comes my question: What do you expect from me to do? Get over it and move on ? Someone said that in one comment... ET is not my life, but was sth I was playing in couple last years actively by improoving year by year. I`m not just a random cheater or player with suspicious opinnion and you all know that. I don`t want to finnish it right know in that way.

I am clean player and I will still fancy myself as a clean player.

Here comes my request to all of you who believes me, or just have any doubts about how CGAC works, post comment #freeAbj down there, if you are confused, feel that we should receive some solid explanation from ohurcool and cgac crew. This is our chance to show admins, that we dont agree with
these kind of actions. IMHO we deserve that and this is my last try to get ur attention. It has to see a daylight! Or just lets wait for antoher ban drama, who`s next?
#freeAbj !!
Pretty sure you didn't cheat aswell. Sincerely hope so cause you're one of the few polaks I never suspected also like you said it wouldn't surprise me that much since 95% of bans are coming from your country. badkip said your ban was legit, if that truely is a random software which you had in your PC it has to be find and fixed soon, otherwise cu next year !
#freeAbj !!
u deserved you know why you dl'ed this anti cheat
why dont you just keep playing and go to LAN if you are clean? I know many players who played ET for 7-10 years and none of them got banned, because they were clean... shit like this dosent happen with innocent people. This is so lame ...

CGAC admin should post proofs. Not because you do this detective journals, but you have many players behind you, unlike cheater cunts. LAN and whole online thing could be boycotted if they realy support you and admin could learn how to deal with people, fairly. Finaly.

I dont say u hax, because I didnt see you play, but admin should realy show what he has, because there are not just 5-10 cheater friend behind you... Community > *

Spierdalaj Wolfenstein ET
busted players arent allowed for this LAN :S
Yes I know thats not a new thing, but when most of CF stands behind someone like this guy they should proove why they ban him.

aaaaaaand if he is clean his friends will keep playing with him, it is not difficult to find a decent fake nick and join lan
e: happened before, or maybe i remember wrongly but mama punched up some xiiiter idiots on lan
you are talking such a bullshit... even more than usually i do...
Someone crying about his ban, fuck him, keep the ban
not this shit again
image: popcorn43

edit: didnt read cu
QuoteIs your motivation to keep ET alive by banning clean players?

Yep, you found us out, that's what we like to do. Ban clean players then read novels of how they are innocent. It's the time of my fucking life. I couldn't be having any more fun right now.
this is why u deleted journal and now restore it? well done

I deleted it, moron.
Good to know, moron.
Moron, moron.
Morons gonna mor.
Why did you delete that swani's journal about rapusti? :(
I didn't, piss off
Why do you let kids starve in Africa?
Because rapusti was falsely banned, and his ban has been removed.
dude get over it rofl, its a fucking internet game.
Fuck you Aniky

No fuck you, #freejuicy

piece of shit
nice story brah
cool story lol, maybe if you post it 100 more times it will become true!
maybe message me back?
#freeAbj down there
People still writing books about how they aren't cheaters in 2015? :D

You got caught, deal with it, don't try to deny it you pussy. Man the fuck up and accept your punishment.
I already thought you were cheating when i was still playing, seems like karma does exist.
Didn't read lol
just let this guy go to lan and prove that he is no cheater
1. Polak
2. Busted
3. Never heard of him
4. Crying about his ban
5. Seems legit
mad cause abj is better than u
cheating+ET=Better player the real formula is -> newb+cheats = still a shit player but knows everything and can put his bot value higher against better players. Didn't ur friend get busted aswell Alphi? why isnt him whining with Abject :S ?
Dear j3zt0rr,

nope, lukis my friend never cheated beacuse he is low (low+ max :D). Check all his matches in gtv, its obviously :-)
Keep guessing, too bad we dont know if you are correct.
95% of your buddylist are some random people whose names I see for the first time.
Your biggest pocal is wining 3rd division of oc.
I've played on a highest level for years and I've never seen you.
So yes, Abj is obviously better than you.
So if you dont play officials you cant be good. Is that what you are trying to say?
how can you know whether you are good or not if you don't play vs other people that play competitive gaming?;p multi-killing random people on pubs is not a measure of goodness I guess
There you. You answered urself: "how can you know whether you are good or not if you don't play vs other people that play competitive gaming?"

+ You can play competitive without playing official matches.
of course u have never heard of him if u are stuck in 8th division lOL
And who r u?
image: d8DEOtY

ps. what happened to the time that posts like this were just straight-up banned?
The fact that badkip checked it and confirmed that it was 100% correct suggests that he has a look at the evidence, saw something like "rshook.exe" and that confirmed it. Just be banned mate,you're getting as annoying as lago
i would be banned for some time now and i posted my shit 2 times...
he is free already
"g. But you also remember that TZAC and Pb sometimes made mistakes"
So now punkbuster CAN make mistakes? Thought you said otherwise when it wasn't about you.
tl;dr version?
#freeAbj !!
pahahahahhaahahahah :XDDDDDDDDDD ciagnij pento !
This is getting ridiculous lol. Seriously ohurcool or someone from the CGAC team could just show some evidence to end this bullshit.
lol XD, #freeabject
If you are really innocent keep your cool stories among with your shit antivirus that tells you smth in polish, as we do not understand it anyway, to the league admins . Why do you make your cool stories public , you attention whore ? You are desperately trying to fool the anticheat and the admins crew, are not you ? You don't know how cheats work , do you ? And, you use it as an excuse , haha . At least you could have said you do not know how a computer itself does work, so you ask your mom/friend to turn it on when you are about to play (at least having an antivirus like this one reminds it somehow). Now you got 12 months to learn some more about computers and cheats , especially learn the fact that it is possible to turn them off without shutting down the game, however, as it seems, you will keep entertaining the scene with your ignorance and stupidity. Please, CF admins, ban this dribbler from this web page as well, cunt is an annoying spammer.
PS also funny to see the community is on top of its ignorance . Instead of thanking the CG admins crew for the anticheat that works. You keep defending the cunt who got busted for running a cheat in a 10+ yo game , gg.

#freeRapusti and the rest
If you're using comas and dots, please don't fucking use it after spacebar, you illiterate piece of shit.
Best aimer in ET at the moment? Poland Abj

Shut up, lady, or you're next!
lmfao!! Let me help you ;) !

QuoteIf you're using comas and dots

WrongPoland: comas
Right: commas

Quote, please don't fucking use it

WrongPoland: it
Right: them

Quoteafter spacebar

Right: space

Quoteyou illiterate piece of shit.

Calling the space button space bar or spacebar can't really be considered as mistake....
He simply hath an antique book with words..... Thou knowest, mate :3
Except he meant to say: "If you're using dots and commas, don't use them after a space". The spacebar or space bar is a key on your keyboard, while a space is just a space [ ] .

My point was that he called you an illiterate piece of shit while making several mistakes in what he wrote, which is ironic. It's also ironic that you defend him after that, even when you are also wrong ;)
The point is - i have not seen anyone saying/typing the word (spacebar) for at least 600 years. So i randomly predicted his dictionary is kinda out of usage. Was i defending him ? Then, he owes me at least 1k $ as i am an attorney and my services are not free....
You seem to be a very old man :s
JA ! Ich bin 666 Jahre alt.
Stop play with cgag and carry on. If you visit every porn website on the intenet and you download ton of bullshit, its your fault.
still cant understand how ohr and others admins could ban ppl w/o any proofs:)
Lol Abj cheating :DDDD

image: xwuEWLt
1 less cheater , good work CGAC Team
You still don't seem to realize that no matter how your case turns out, you'll be flagged as a cheater from now on. You're no better than any of those players that were dumb enough to get busted.
You still dont realize that he made this journal, cuz he will be flagged as a cheater, even if there is no proof that hes a cheater.

>Gets busted by CGAC
>Claims that theres no proof of him having cheated
>Polak logic
seriously u have nothing better to do?
powodzenia na mistrzostwach swiata!
#freeAbj #freeCHADA
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