What do you really think about CGAC?

Just to start I'm not here to defend all or some of the players who were banned by CGAC and also not administrators who control this anti cheat. I'll just share a personal opinion because I have seen various posts talking about people being banned for no reason (as they say). I would like to try to understand both sides and at the same time make some questions that I have and probably i'm not the only one.

Starting with the AC, Can we trust it 100%? I think that no program is 100% reliable, because all programs are made for humans and we are not perfect to be able to make something perfect, so the program can fail. In 100 people banned there may be one innocent, and that innocent person is equal to the others 99. If you think about it, I know this is just a game, but what matters here is not the game itself, but the way we solve things .. How many people are not unjustly imprisoned and spend much of his life in jail, because the court considered them guilty, but after years and years change their minds and are released, thats the point in my opinion.

Which is the reason administrators do not show the proofs of each player who got banned? In my opinion a person can not be guilty without knowing why, just saying that used cheats at some time, I think there should be 'physical' evidences, such as a picture or anything that might just end up for those who call themselves innocents (but they aren't) and for the really innocents.

These are just some questions that I decided to do, if someone has more to tell please do it.

I tried to talk to with some players (banned and not banned) and there were few answers, also tried with management of the CGAC and they do not want to cooperate. So I decided to not show any message of anyone.

To finish I want to return to remember that I am not here to defend who was banned or administrators who manage the CGAC.

Feel free to comment and give your opinion.

Sorry for my english skills.
0/10 would not use
free abj?
trust it 100% :)
it busted players like upload that cheated for years
something tzac couldnt apparently
If iam not mistaken he got busted by using a cheat that was detected even by pb. So i doubt he used that one while playing with tzac
+1 to seeing proofs about bans. Right now that homo orchool or whatever his name was is banning without any proof. Worst admin ever.

image: never_popuar_at_school

This pic pretty much says it all. If he wants to ban someone for cheating he better show the proof. Criminals dont go to jail in real life just because the judge/police say that they know the person being accused is guilty. Evidence has to be provided and it is not being done right now. If Abject cheated then whats the problem with showing the proof and everyone can get over this drama.
very bad analogy. playing in the league is a privilege, not a right. it's more like a business denying you service, which is entirely their choice.
How come it is not a right - everyone can play the league or am i wrong? Well unless you are banned which would mean that the "business" denyed the service from that player but for what reason? Even the player banned does not get the reason for his ban :S
Why do they need to tell anyone the reason? (I mean, they did say it was for cheating, they just didn't provide proof.) They choose who gets to use their free service. It works the same way as CF/GTV. Take this, for example:

Quote OmgItsNaZtY was suspended by Netherlands h3ll until 25th January. Reason: I dont like you.

Unless there's some law in the country CG is based that restricts it, I can't think of any reason they wouldn't be able to ban who they please for any reason they choose.
Yes, I guess you are right but behaving like this will only speed up the death of this game. Suspending someone for not liking them is not cool :D And imo an admin should always be polite and explain everything not tell people to fuck off :)
crossfire - the place where people actually use internet pics to make a point

*awesome pic though
that coming from you though
weren't you the guy publicly posting and admitting you and your friends Needle/ubka/cosmic/Susumu used to blatantly cheat?
Nah, I have never posted anything like that :) Also ubka HAS NEVER cheated - not even on a public server :) Yet he is still banned for "cheating" and after many requests to see what he was banned for the final answer from orchoooholll was "fuck off" - that is no way to treat a player :D no wonder this game is starting to die if homos like him can make decisions. PS read this comment quickly before it gets deleted by some admin on crossfire like my last comment was. They probably dont understand the meaning of a forum - everyone has the right to have their own opinion and just because you(the admin) are a fucking crying pussy who doesn't agree with me does not give you the right to delete my post.

In the court the proofs are also only shown to the judge and the lawyers, not to random people on the streets who don't believe the judgement as far as I know.
Ready my comment again then - IMO the person being accused has the right to see proof/evidence. My point was that if for example you get banned then you won't see any proof of your cheating - it should not be like this. I didn't say anything about posting it here :)
That's true, the accused person should see the proof, but it seems most people are just eager for seeing the proof themselves, that's at least my impression.
Yes, i see your point but if for example this Abject guy would see the proof for his ban then he probably would stfu with this freeabj stuff on this site and no one would care anymore
He would probably continue to deny it.
Ive seen a page of CGAC where we can see some reasons of it

some players have been banned, reason : you knew and played with someone who cheated

weird ban but ban :D
abj was caught cheating, get over it already. The only reason you are doubting about the anticheat now is because he and his friends asked every polish player to spam crossfire with this drama to create doubts around his ban , the anticheat and the admins. The other 5 people in the latest ban list, do you see them complaining? Apparently they don't have enough friends to defend them here.
Why are people surprised about his ban anyway? It seems like every singe time there is a bust list, one of the polish players from that (or the other.pl) crew gets banned, few months later a new random polish player starts playing super-awesome with them and then another ban.
What is the alternative, let's not trust CGAC and their crew because an obvious cheater got caught and spammed for a few days with his friends (making really dumb excuses, like "malware yoo") ? Do you rather have no anticheat at all? The thing is working, look it caught an obvious cheater, get over it now.
To most euros on here, please stop using the words "proofs" and "evidences" >_<

On topic, from the little I've used it I've had no issues. I'd say the bans are all legit but I don't know that 100%.

Only thing I don't like about it is that people using XP can no longer play. They should have accommodated XP users IMO, since so many players here are still running it.
i am using XP and i cannot play, but i understand why they excluded XP from the update though, even windows stopped supporting it :D there r few people who play ET and still use XP since this game is old and i cant bother to update my old computer just to play "Offi" its kind of a good reason to stop playing and focuz on real life school, work , family etc..
update to win7/8 for security stuff even? :d
i use my old PC to watch stream, for facebook , little bit for studying , to listen to music on youtube and for ET. whats the point in upgrading for security reasons? :)
Paying bills through net bank
i dont do that in my PC :)
Polak got rekt, get over it.
this isn't law & order or csi LoL :~>

maybe they don't reveal how they got caught by the anti-cheat so it will be harder to pass it?!
yes, like cheater cant share which kind of cheat did he play with.
He can't know for sure which part of the cheatcode got detected ;)
So thats another reason to share proofs, since they aint showing, which part of cheatcode get detected. u are fighting urself, what u think?
eh .. what? If they don't share what got detected the cheatcoders don't know what to improve so i understand why they don't show proof.
So again: he can share which kind of cheat he played with so it gives them exactly the same as when admins will share which kind of cheat get detected, i didnt say anything about sharing part of code which get detected or detection methods. Whats wrong with u?
u are contradicting urself buddie
i think its exactly what do u do, what u think?
i dislike the way players (cheaters or not cheaters) be treated by admins
no proofs just shut up
fucking nora
norah jones? krkrkrkrkr
busting cheater , all fine. programm works good!
pb also work good, even better, even with no updates for 6 years... thats ur logic.
> 2015 and people still need to cheat in a 12 years old game although competitive gaming consists of like 90% of inactive players
> 2015 and the drama's just as real as it used to be in 2009
I don't believe CGAC, not because I think it doesn't detect cheats or something like that, but simply because the software seems so fucking buggy and is full of errors It's just pain in the ass to use and have some confidence in it..

For example you play offi, you can join the server without it or with it, you can insert a bad matchinfo and someone may not notice, it can crash within 5seconds of starting the game and no one notices etc etc... so many troubles
in my humble opinion i think that Belgiumbadkip is a reptilian humanoid (a lizardman) whose only intention is to harm and eventually eradicate the flourishing enemy territory scene
save et, no pb back
run a cheat, ac busts you, too bad gotta trust the ac, imo it should tell you if its wh multihack or aimbot like tzac did but thats all it ever should tell you and it would be enough
none of the cheaters caught in past has got unbanned just because "they only run the cheat once"
no idea why would you run a cheat though
there always have been undetected cheat

some programer bypassed many times pb and others anti cheat after their cheat getting detected again and again, the fight is never ending

ps: i remember playing a random 3v3 irc war with you and your cheating portugay ( according he was your mate since he was also from pt )
Who knows wtf wrong with this AC ...anyway unfair that there is no proofs for bust
fucking fraud
Never injected any cheat of whatever, still get banned
the guy is a cunt
Well, can not really trust it, badkip cba to fix the errors I assume
Also tramp not banned yet, very bad ac :<
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