W:TNO Addon confirmed (Prequel)

bethesda confirmed a standalone prequel for Wolfenstein: The new Order today, and smashed all hopes for a rtcw remake in the near future including mp remake.
the prequel includes 2 missions and seems not to be a full-price game. It´s set in 1946 and returns BJ to the castle wolfenstein itself - the new version of the castle seems to be inspired by rtcw (ropeway), moreover there yould be zombies again.


at least wolf doesnt die...
Where did you get the RtCW bit? I don't see that anywhere.
trailer says like 'blala castle wolfenstein' and some of the images look like rtcw maps revamped

edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxVEpo_35sA
Looks like tram, also in 2nd episode you go to village called "wolfberg"which is connected to village from RTCW. Last but not least you will try to look for some archaeologist and stuff connected to zombies which also is from rtcw :D
yes, great. new game based on tons of different weapons and even more death animation. playing as psycho who loves blood. just what I always wanted

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