recommendation for pc

Hi guys, my pc is not to bad but I am looking into streaming some dota2 for the lolz with my mates. Quality seems good after few testings and everything else also but its just that it is laggy (not heavily tho) and well hard to play the game myself while streaming. So should i get these 2?:
GeForce GTX 650 Ti (higher quality) or a better idea for graphic card, like I said quality is not a problem but it might be since mine is pretty old.
And get (if possible) an Intel i7 processor?

Thanks for your help fellas.
Salut cher camarade d'internet je crois que ton probleme est que ton PC n'est pas assez fort pour la diffusion en direct de jeux video twitch :P
ah merci de ce commentaire profondément utile je peux maintenant retourner à manger ma poutine.
Was going to get one of them 650 ti's but ended up finding a good deal on the GTX 760 OC twin frozr for a bit more, much better card it seems, coolest card of the 760's too.

Not much help otherwise x)
Get a GeForce GTX 980.
Change your CPU (i5 last gen is the minimum requirement for streaming I'd say)

For the GPU check should guide you, the most important is the CPU if you intend to stream
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