#ET-Cup reminder!


I have send a pm to one member of each ET Reborn Lan team and I need their reply + your team signup (as written in the newspost: http://www.crossfire.nu/news/8680/et-cup-tournament-details i need your teamname, flags and cybergamer teamaccount link - up till now I got 3 valid signups (sick6, TAG, xD Trickjump, ( team-visual, neverbyte and rockit - cybergamerlink missing) ... I need atleast 8 to make it happen... 1 merc will be allowed..we just have to decide on the exact merc rules... just pm me with the infos please - and use cf pm ...not email/mirc or anything else..thanks!

so please 8bits, Idle, erase, catinahat and tmoe pm me the details or just let me know here in the comments if you are not interested in playing the cup!

thanks in advance!

I think cats can't play this
just give 100 euros to team with phyzic already
phyzic no lan
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