eujen busted

eujen prepared for LAN. jelly?
nice shooting
gg expected bust cu
pure skill
kenn ich nich
only fair to turn aimbot on when playing vs joker
i guess this is ET in 2015
eujen is a true and an honourable man, I doubt he'd start cheating now after all those years of clean gameplay
expected brain tutorial tbh
came here by an accident, this is priceless

lul weirdo action almost impossible. hax or luck that is a question
Nothing weird to be honest. Just good aim and some luck.
dat uncontrolable high sens at 2nd kill hah
I'd hit it
©Artstar 2015:"there isn't such a thing as hitreg"
©Artstar 2015:"you hit as you aim"
Demos have 0 ping so it looks different from when you actually play.
He's not wrong.
There's also bullet spread, packetloss, tones of bugs and hitboxes arent so well made. U are all wrong but bobika the most :{D
bobika is just quoting 10 words from entire paragraphs, where I also will have mentioned spread (and some random stuff about rtcw bullet spread which is much higher than in ET). he's just having a tough time understanding.
No use telling about bullet spread, if you fail to understand bullet spread on the game you are playing, you should move to another game then.. But the correct would be like, you hit as your bullet registers to the hitbox. You know, aimbots are not made to track the model, they are made to track the hitbox
yes, indeed. overall I just become overly bored by bobika's illuminati stories about hit registration and people who "abuse" it.

"you hit as your bullet registers to the hitbox."

Wasn't referring to you honestly, wasnt explaining how things work to you, just said it out loud :D
I was agreeing with everything you said anyway :P
i know, just pointed out inb4 someone thinks taht i think you dont know that stuff
people "abuse" hit registration? he surely must be trolling?:D
nope, he's serious.
Quote by bobikaET is ridiculous anyway, what separates the skillers at the highest level is only how they register hits anyway, or rather how they register headshots... this game is so fucked up lol :D

from my poin of view it may sound ridiculous since Im med-, but heard even some skilled players admit that... You can have amazing aim and dont hit as well as others...

Im not trying to deny that this guy is good aimer, but he just registers hit so well, or rather he hits shit loads of HS when others wouldnt with exactly the same aim :P
It got some sense on it though :) _some_, but yes. You definetly don't register hits the same way, been proven many times, shit aimers can kill you, if you are struggling on registering even bodyshots, but that doesn't happen so often, gladly. I am not sure what is going on, but feels like ET used to have better servers before, regarding to ping issues and such. Like 8 years ago I used to have 50 ping everywhere and nowadays its almost always 98 or happily something like 70, including with some lag spikes..
when its only you having a worser ping on the server, it's not the servers getting worser
I wish it was only me, but yes it could be also my connection and I should call my provider, but cba doing that :D
Not 100% a lie to be honest
I used to agree with you but bullet spread is the same in rtcw compared to ET. That according to Bani. Rof is the only differnce
rof for thompson is the same as ET, iirc, and MP40 is faster in RTCW. I somehow doubt that's the only difference? even the thompson in rtcw (assuming the rof is the same) is accurate, yet nowhere near as accurate as in ET (stood up or crouched).
Where is bani :(
high sens imho
Anyway after one situation we can't say that he is at 100 percent cheater.
Not even on my level.

that first frag is wtf
This first frag is so Eujen.
wtf and thats not even all. where's karsiah?
where dat clip of 48 acc? piece of shit!
did smth similar too few days ago, but i shot smth like 5-6 hs.
Send me ur cfg pls
was waiting for some stupid comment like this :D

I was just pointing out what i did also looked like some rage-onlyhs aimbot, so these random stuff can happen.
vid_restart bug
Told you not to share juicy.dll :S

e: praccing hard for LAN ?
Still negative dmgs on nbs
gönn dir bruder :)
alter nice shot eujenn
flusha aimlock
just lifting mouse a lot m8
Some pros lift more than others <3
majestic stuff
image: 24YE7LW
Not cheat , just aiming ;)
random polak big luck
is this some trollin?
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