Dirtybomb key


Looking for a dirty bomb key. I can trade it for a HOTS key that's all I have.

dont bother play that broken game :D:D
its a pay2win shit :DDD
maps are not designed to play at competitive level, all maps has 30 tunnels
the game looks like it was made in 2002
trying to copy csgo with case openings :DDDDDD

and i could go on :D
nice try SD tho xD
it's fun for casual games, shotguns are fucking annoying at the moment though. haven't paid for anything on there, but also started with 30k coins and obsidian card from earlier beta
Agreed. Its Ok for casual Games. But very unbalanced. Lmg and shotguns are very owerpowered. The Maps are bad. Way too many tűnnek and alleys to backrape your opponent. This double jump is a joke. Movement qnd characters are weird.
And its hard ro collect coin. I mean 100 coin per game, and u need 30k to unlock a class.

Soz for typo@ phone
Coins vary, dunno how it all works out yet. I sometimes get over 1000 per round with coins, few games I've only had ~100 though.

Mostly been spending the coins on cases to try get a decent card :D
adze mad cause he got backraped :D:DD:D::DD
just shows how shit that game is :DDDD


lets make a team
be sad and stalk @dirtybomb on twitter, some peopel got their keys like that
I don't use twitter :[

I got a few pms tho, ppl asking me to do webcam NBS public and other stuff with penis involved
need 1 too plox =(
isso :( brauchn noch 2
nude pics of you and we have a deal
bad game 1/5
need a key as well please. would love to try it out.
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