Help me chose a camera

Hi my favorite computer users from CrossFire Internet Website!

If you have your glasses on because you played too much computer thus your eyes are fucked, you understand what I need.
Usually, I don't give a fuck about photos but as I will be travelling next month I'd like to keep in my hdd some nice memories from the beautiful ladies landscapes I met.
So here's the thing, as I know some guys over here take photos of their mommy on a regular basis so what's the best camera for like 100€.
I dont need a supramegadupa awesome camera, just something to make decent photos.

Inb4 mad nerds lelelel why u post it on a gaming website, i do it because i wanna let u nerds know im still around and I still share some love with you from the deepest place of my heart j/k just fuck you!

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Marseille Retired Colonel LeFrancis - CF Journalist & soon to be photographer
pls refrain from posting such animated pictures, this journal is meant to be very serious ok?
well you are not considered a serious person LeFrancis
the majority of the comments proves it.

shalom ma nishma
Just pick one that allow you to take photos and record videos.

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With this you can also play some games at the same time.
You are Welcome.
For 100€ just get whatever you fancy, there's not a lot of difference between all these small compact shit. I guess something like the canon ixus 160 or look at the nikon coolpix series
im to much alcoholized at the moment so im not understand your questions maybe good
You can always use my camera if you like. It has one bed, a sofa, a desk, nice windows, a door that opens to balcony. I have no carpets on the floor. But the floor is so clean you can kiss it.
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