ESL ET reborn ?

Hey fellows,

Those who remember me know that I was one of the old school ET players that helped this community survive as long as possible. For a long period of time, I was also the one that was running all activities in the ET ESL section. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I had to step down and there was nobody else that wanted to take my place. So the section was closed.

However, the ESL platform has changed a lot since then. It is now called ESL Play and offers a lot of things to classic games such as Enemy Territory. Check it out over here:

This also means that the ESL Enemy Territory section can be revived if the community wants to. The only thing that is needed is one dedicated admin that is willing to do all of these. The game can be part of the Classic Games section and it will require a minimum of activity from the admin (just to create cups and to handle them).

I know it's not much to work with as there are barely prizes involved (the classic ESL Premium Account can come again in action) but it could be a fresh start for a game that struggles.

What do you guys think?
We once played the ESL ET Reborn Cup and won it and never recieved the ESL Premium Account. ESL just sucks.
I'm sure that you didn't request it properly...
Why should I request it, when there is a admin doing the work for that cup? I thought we get it automatically, especially after I entered every score and stuff... just poor work by the ESL team tbh, they just don't want to support that game anymore.
All prizes must be requested when you are part of a team. You never get anything automatically added........
ME o/

It all depends, there was a try from Timbolina to bring ESL back but it somehow failed miserably...

But as it stands, there are like 4-6active 3o3 teams, not sure if there is any point of trying to revive ESL
Esl premium account, the only thing i ever wanted
ESL premium account?! I can host, admin and win the cup just to get it.
for 1 month
I think it's a good idea, the more ladders/tournaments the better!
Having ESL supporting ET would be great. Finding the right person to do this will be hard. ohurcool would obviously be your best choice, but I don't think he is interested in doing this.
omg foamea :) how u doin
Last time we had interest from ESL the community didnt give a crap, won't be different this time..
I'd prefer ESL over CG any time and any day, but this community :XASDAF:DSGSD

Also, there is no hope for ET anyway
"old school ET players"

good joke
Where's the joke?
Screw cg we want ESL without anti cheat :P it sure is a whole lot easier to cheat
ESL anticheat
Daca ti e foame, te pot servi cu un biscuite
Nu, multumesc.
Ne vedem la lan.

Oh stai...
No. Last year I did everything according to the rules of ESL to get ET back in the ladders. They agreed to a Revival Cup after 5 months. Finally when cuptime was there I ended up running the whole cup and ESL did not even bother looking or
asking how the cup went. ESL has no interest in ET and after that fail of a revival cup we should no longer be interested in ESL.
Nobody will ever ask you how the cup went. At least now, everyone can see the brackets of the cup on ESL....
Why didn't you ask to make a 2nd cup? You would have seen the interest from ESL then.

Don't get me wrong, you seem like a fellow that wants to contribute, but you need to realize facts:
- the game is old
- the game is not being sponsored by a publisher or sponsor
- the community is getting more and more small every year

The interest can only change if it gets popular again, which everyone doubts, but the least we can do is to provide a competitional place where different players can enjoy themselves.
ESL didnt say I was the one to run the cup either. I had no interest in a second cup as ESL was never responding to any of my messages. The first cup ended up having five teams only.

I know the current state of this game and that sponsor have no interest in an outdated game.

I think CyberGamer already provides a platform for this community and its staff are close to this community as well (ohurcool).
if esl wire can used as ac then it sounds cool, its gotta be the first step
best cheaters homeplace ;)!
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