ET Reborn LAN: Videos

I'll add more videos here over the days. Still have to figure out how to adjust quality and stuff.

ET Reborn LAN Day three Videos

Interview with toNi

ET Reborn LAN Day two Videos

Interview with Sebhes

Interview with R0ss

ET Reborn LAN Day one Videos

Walk through the Wzzrd

Interview with Toxic and Salaneuvos

More to follow, Feedback appreciated
Poland lockheed with hair :D
Nice viceo, don't forget the interviews
I am working on questions and stuff at the moment. What would you like to know from the players/from one specific person?
First of all I really appreciate if you give a hug to sqzz and a kiss to deryn for me. Then i would like to know for example what the players in generally left to go to lan, some expectations about the games, what's the diference between lan and online. What do you think? Hope this helps. Have fun!
why they suck so much on lan
60hz monitors
1, Ask them if they have plans for competitive gaming after the LAN and if Yes where are they going?
2, Do they see any chances for another LAN next year?

You should ask random stuffs aswell, not only about ET and gaming. Maybe you could ask how should we imagine when they go out and try to get girls. Maybe the finns could tell us some funny stories :D

Ask the busted guys why they cheated :D I would be curious to see those faces trying to explain bullsh1t. But tbh this LAN shouldnt be about such things. I mean I am obviously not serious and dont want to see drama. Have fun everyone!

But if you want to see some action give tequila to Fobje and watch him doing kung fu
Hey would love to see a sqzz interview. I don't even know how he looks like.
Guy on the right.

Interview with him will come but he is playing atm.
nothing had changed since I was there last time.
Is this esse at the end of the video going inside? :D
Moviemaker, rly? :D
How about you come over here and do production for me while I film, take pics, upload, lable, update and get drunk - all at the same time?
Next time? Okay. Sure, no problem. Its just that I make living with such a thing.
I'd suggest interviewing the following (following up on the fact that you want to interview 2 per team);

ciah - swanidius & ?
erase - eujen & toni
kommranlan - fireball & kresti
tmoe - abj & dialer/f's
8bits - bloodje & fobje
idlee - ferus & urtier
tag - crumbs & joop
xD - sebhes & shaman
rockit - koop & ross
visual - lampje & outlaw

(didn't add sick6 for obvious reasons)
Thank you for your suggestions. I wont be able to interview two per team as that would consume all my time and probably interfer with my beer schedule. I'll try to interview two teams per group, no promises tho.
no direct shoutout toxic, not impressed :S
I said the rest for the sick6 guys! That counts!
is it me or there's no France at this lan?
What a shame :')
No great electronic athletes have emerged from france. ever.
There are great Francecyber-athletes like FranceSnatix who would shine at lan but he didn't get his mom's permission.
Anyway, as an old CF esport journalist I approve your content!
I consider Belgium as France
wtf m8 i called da police coz u disappeared from teh internet :s:s:s:s:s
were u at lan?
Yeah got a bit stuck with real life so I had to stop my professional gayming career .

Actually a fun fact, I went to the cinema (LAN is inside the cinema venue) on sunday with my mates so practically I was there. The problem is that I forgot that the LAN was this weekend, so sadly I missed out. Otherwise I would have joined the party.

I should probably fix my gaming PC to have a reunion with the army.
only nicon and nismo still play ET from time to time :|
however most of us are on steam
sorry just bakc from klub
I think I fell in love with Salaneuvos <3
You gotta battle it out with toxic, I'm his lovebird I hear
Never heard the word "lovebird" as a substitute for bitch before...
don't you dare talk to him like that
I can call him whatever I want as he is my bitch aswell.
Wow Sebhes, I see how much I mean to you :s
no interview of vanq on sunday? :(
like he would have been able to say one word :P
Less is sometimes more
Good work Rayzed! Cheers

Also nice improvement R0SS, glad you figured out how to live a healthy life style. There is still work to do, but the gains are real :P
nice shoutout toni fagget
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