Yo CF,

Atm I am struggling with some Sony Vegas Pro 11 issues. But after I'll be able to make fragmovie.
I need a lot of youngsters because I only will use players below 21 years old. If you want to represent yourself and you think you're good enough for a fragmovie.

Just send me a pm with the next things:
- GamesTV link / Upload Demo
- Timestamps

image: sadasd

Shoutout to United Kingdom Artstar for helping me out with some bullshit crap on my PC and also for introducing me to the moviemaking world.
Quote[13:50] <Webe> movie name The Kids?
[13:51] <mENACE> mad :(
[13:51] <Webe> u got me

Good luck menace. To be clear, it is just demos from players who are 20 years and younger?
21 OR younger :)
pm Bobika for NBS strike kills
Succes boy
Gg im oldschool and < 22y at the same time uwotm8

GL menace my boy 020 represent
/q Canada crono
/q rapz
/q Constan
/q Kapot
/q steen
/q constan aka NL finest top aimer
totally agree with this ":D"
agreed :P :P
I approve this message.
im too old :D
you could always send in frags from 10 years ago. you had a higher skill back then anyway i guess :D
That doesnt make me younger :D it wouldnt be nextgen then :D
just wanted to point out how old the game is and how old/school we are B-)
So you want to make a movie about the 3on3 only guys playing 13 hours a day?
I m 34 and I have demos.
i would but artstar fucked me up
26 ok ciao
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