Team Romania 2k15

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Team Romania is back in action again boys and girls and we gonna rape some nerds(we hope).
We gonna do our best to get in a decent shape for this NC even tho some of our players didnt play for a long time.

RomaniaDamon (c)


3 busted cheaters, most so far from the rosters I think?
-stary, shit playa eva
im going to follow the upcoming nc, im curious about you performing at international level
Which one is mirror?
we're all mirror mate
Could you guys comment on your performance last season? How'd it go, for those who don't remember?
Don't ban me this time, I swear, I am not gonna play
I only ban those who deserve it with the occasional corrupt fake ban here and there.
Maybe they didnt pass over the higher bracket stages, but its not a reason to laugh about someones performance :S
Looking good. Good luck in the cup my fellow friends
which part is actually looking good? :D!
the flag ofcours :D
please die
People cry because of cheaters since the first time they met one, but they still let busted cheaters play Nationscup, lead NC teams.

Better host a cup with less teams than another one with many participants, but "weird" ones. I feel bad for the clean ones tho. Quality>Quantity
e: gl for the not-busted guys, enjoy NC!

Last time the whole team was busted if i remember correctly. It was rly funny, from low- pubplayers they went to med+.
well the whole team got busted but they still got shit stomped by team USA xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
here we go again
Stary is no good :s kick this gay
GL nymph girl =D
After one year of ban you are still nerd enough to make a comeback to this dead game? O_O No words left, wishing you the best of luck
Probably the most skilled group of window cleaners I have seen in one bunch
Quite surprised to hear that Lover was cheating last year.

Good thing Nebu is not in anymore

The real good ro et pro players are long time out and gone of the game.

This is not team Romania this is team Embarrassed.

We have idiots who make us look like trash in Europe now we have to do it online too...

Amaze me that the admin policy is not more strict on this kind of things
Good luck boys!
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