ET:U NC '15 - Team Canada

image: d2pkkV7

Ever since our defeat against team UK last year, I've been focused on finding any way to improve our lineup and strategy. Now, I can say with a great deal of confidence that we have a lineup strong enough to take on this year's Nations Cup. That being said, I am now proud to present the lineup for team Canada 2015!

Main lineup:
Canada Tomun (C)
Canada anim
Canada rossko
Canada rockstAr
Canada CrimZon
Canada crono
Canada rito

Canada monkey
Canada dynasty
Canada chunk

QuoteCanada rockstAr: nigga we made it

Wish us luck! Our Contact info: #AET
nice vid, would watch again
cronomètre pour remonter le niveau de cette putain de compétition de l'internet
toi meme tu le putain de sais ce qui ce passe mon cousin LeFrancis des pyramides draaaaaa
thats guys!
Fucking amazing, good luck friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: crono : hates polaks (plays with Tomun) :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
QuoteUnnamed Canadian Superstar: Tomun is the worst thing to happen to Canada
e: best team intro ever
hahaahha ils m'ont pas demande de faire une intro, mais j'aime bien celle-la
cest toi qui crie? :D
lol rito
damn, rito is good looking
:o rito I didnt expect that from you m8

gl rito!
haha awesome vid
best team intro ever :D
rossko, rockstar! gl guys!
GL e-WAVE buddies, nice to see you back rock!
You win the content prize, surely.
Crono playing? Haha good game, let the hax be real.
crono on ice
Crimzon confirmed hottest player in et.. I would anyway
CrimZoN is sex on legs.
He gives me jelly legs since 2005 mate
Good Luck Rossko, Rockstar and CrimeZone
good luck anim, rockstar and rossko will make sure to watch ur matches boys!
gl canadians friends :DDDDD
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