No soldiers / 1 Fops Extreme Server Setup Experiment

I'm experimenting with the following very extreme setup:

At ( I have set up a SW server which contains new settings and a rotation of new maps for you to thoroughly test out.

Gameplay Settings
setl g_heavyWeaponRestriction 10
setl b_pronedelay 1
setl b_extendedprone 1

set team_maxsoldiers 0 (no soldiers)
set team_maxfieldops 1 (only 1, yes)
set team_maxgrenadelauncher 0
setl team_maxMines 5
set b_stickycharge 1
setl b_fixedphysicsfps 166
set b_wolfrof 0
setl b_shrug 0
setl b_distancefalloff 1
setl b_maxmortarpitch 20
setl b_chargetransfer 0

command "sv_cvar rate IN 15000 25000"
command "sv_cvar snaps EQ 20"
command "sv_cvar com_maxfps GE 60"
command "sv_cvar cl_maxpackets GE 60"
command "sv_cvar cl_timenudge EQ 0"

- Oasis
- El Kef Test SW version
- Raw Castle <- small comp map, lots of trickjumps
- Caha Tavern B1 <- take some time to get to know this one! It's a beauty
- Rochelle B2
- The River II Redux <- great new high paced map!

So all you RTCW lovers & haters can now test in real life what the effect would be of extremely reducing spam.

The server is on a new 64 bit machine BTW so there should be no lags.

HF & let the 1337 aimers rule ;-).
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