12 long years boys and girls

So apparently today it's 12 years to the day since ET was released. How many years you wasted on the game and what's your most memorable moment?

For me it's 11 and the day I met Poland Turki (that mofo is crazy)

Bonus special moment:telling the police that there is LAN in Cracow that we are attending, while Netherlands Domi was laying on ground and puking on paramedic.
probably 8 years or so
Most memorable moment is hard to chose, most of them had nothing to do with wars but more with pubs.
Beeing on CDC4 or 5 in a Taxi. Taxi driver asked why we were in NL. We told them about the ET LAN and he said he knew about the game he casually joins public server with hacks.
True Story
voice proof or never happen
Italy dio can testify
Release date(s) 29 May 2003

t. wikipedia
What's a day compared to so many wasted years? Ps. inb4 your best moment was finally making it to EC
11 years on this game gg life wasted
Ahah snatix said life xd
After 10years of playing finally Team Poland backup.

2003-2014 played about 1hr this year tho!
Best for me was cdc4, getting Cupper legless and requiring assistance from bulld0g, sheep, pansy and fuck knows who else to help get him to the hotel.
played ETQW @ CDC4 Q_Q
after playing for 1 month i must say that the chry tk panzer on adlernest was my most memorable moment until now
ur a fuckin bitch, started et in 2015 when u and cliffdark could have moved with me back in 2012, now the game is completely dead
image: 1

Hungary sEreya @ XterNet 6on6 LAN. This is not my best memory, but a good one definitely.
Can't remember when I started playing tbh, think bout 5-6 years? not sure

Most memorable moment was winning my first NC with UK
Since the beginning!!
Most memorable moment was beating wings in 3o3 LULZ or making TAG rq
begining of what? your puberty?
U make your own parents rq from you, lowlife
dude stop bullshitting :D
speccing my brother zenix playing when i didnt have a good computer :)
I think 10 years, might be 9.

Most positive memory; AEF lan.
Most negative memory; when one of the members of TEKKEN.et died, felt wrong to play ET without him so I quit ET a week later.
11 years, never realized that :D never achieved anything big. best memories from the early years up to about 2008 when i actually played actively. we usually had about 10 guys in our team's vent channel at 11am on saturday to play 6v6 :D one of the best moment of the years must be winning a 3v3 laddermatch against EDiT in approximately 2006-2008 (dont remember anymore) who just won EC and lost their #1 spot because of their loss to us :D ofc us being uberlucky and hc low+ gamers this was freaking big xD

also i came along with this peace of gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7zWSM1UP58

that trailer was so ahead of its time and it still astonishes me, just fucking awesome.
The good old times, when you could get 6on6 basically at any time of day including bloody 9am and that wasn't against the yanks :D <3
one saturday we played battery 12 times. not full games as many left after it...
Backdoor dyna on/off?
On. But we usually went with uni if possible. I cant remember if anyone actually played battery before backdoor script sounds kinda impossible.
People on publics did ;) It was very hard indeed, ramp was spammed with fops, backdoor with mg42 npnp fullhold
rtcw mp demo in the almighty beach map back in 2002 (or maybe even 2000/1, cant really remember :D) with my naberboy
Estonia bff was the beginning of my gaming career, after what he found ET, what I didnt accept playing at the beginning for about a year or 2, so that makes 8 or 9 years of ET for me.
btw did you finally make up your miNd? are you Finland or Estonia? :D
erm? I am living and have lived in Finland for about 4 years now, that makes me an Estonian living in Finland.
Im just trolling with the flags because I get finnish flag everywhere I sign in and make account to :D
Yeah right, trolling. I remember making a cup where you claimed to be .fi to go around some country limits :D
haha, well, now I got finnish and estonian document for u to show, that leaves me on either side.
Sneaky bastard :D bit like s1lent, he has document stating he is Poland citizen and he used that to get into polish allstars :D
12 years + demo for a bit

many memorable moments but I think most memorable would be going to my first LAN with normality(eujen eron ethr killerboy) just the CF lan experience for the first time and we had a great team of idiots having fun. That plus at the time it was a personal achievement for me so pretty great :D
10 Years, start of 'xD in 2006 / FragJumpZ private server that grew to one of the biggest .55 tj servers along with Hungarian projumpin & the other server =ST= (Can't think of the name atm, WuT / sebhes help me, edit; was it =ST= ?).
ETWars season 3, season 4.
Getting a 2 man mortar kill (random shot) on Goldrush while sitting next to Rocks and Sebhes playing in the semifinal I believe while we were getting absolutely REKT, by Tfd I think it was.
Every single person that I met during ET, S/O.
=ST= PublicServer
you're a day early
it's 29th in Australia, your argument is invalid.
Fav moment is probably winning against Germany in Nationscup, or the 6on6 games with TeamKeen. Good times
11 Years. Started when i was 9 or 10... Holy fuck thats been a long way

also +1 for Iron Maiden
about 10 years I guess
If you re 7 how can you play this game for 11 years?
Most memorable moment was when bobika started ET, we got ourselves a free retarded guy to bully till death since seareal...
i started on rtcw. i dont know how many years it has been. 12 year old maybe? 13? im 27
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