The downfall of xfire :(

Today is a sad, sad day. I just received this message:

QuoteSystem Broadcast:
Dear Xfire users - It is with sadness that we must announce that the Xfire Social services will be shutdown on Friday (June 12th). Please visit to download your video/screenshot data. We apologize for the short notice - Xfire Community Team

RIP xfire :( Thank you for your service the last 10 years. Will never forget.


image: xfire
I have been using it in the past, lately i wanted to recover my password and it didnt work. RIP :(
rip in pepperonis
installed. didnt like it. uninstalled. profit.
used it for 5 days
can't say I've used it for more than a couple weeks since ~2010, but good ol' nostalgia nonetheless!

comment by rise on one of my old journals (IRC vs xfire)

I always used the network with the gfire plugin within pidgin.
Didn't use it since xarQi's death
why lol, how can i play cod4/2 without it? i dont want to invite all this people to my facebook, damn thats suck
Aboot thyme
Stfu and give me my mortar.
never used
installed it 11 years ago and deleted on the same day, nice program
It was going downhill and they sold it to some other people which attempted to make a comeback with streaming and stuff but it never really worked. Used it for years primarily as a chat program but switched over to steam a year or two back because well it's vastly superior.
Meh crap to see another decent IM going down, same as MSN and at other side all the garbage stays... inb4 everyone hop onto steam/skype.

Any proper alternatives?
never used or even know someone who used it
No way, cant even see my profile anymore, would have liked to take screenshot of my hours spent gaming while xfire was on...

replace my profile name with yours and enjoy
r.i.p. ;(
I'll tell you a secret, I'm glad its over, it was worse than EA's crap.
It actually came out in 2003, not 2002.

It kept getting worse and worse the more it got handed off to another company and hasn't been updated in years. I predicted last month that this would be shut down soon.

Wow look at the short notice too, that's crazy. They clearly don't care and haven't cared about xfire in a while. The alternatives trying to be like xfire lack alot of the thing xfire has. I even used the old version because the new one was just so terrible to navigate. They favored UI design instead of functionality like alot of morons (ie: skype).

Evolve looks alright and so does raptr but they don't have support for favorite servers and recent servers. Overall they aren't as good as the original xfire but they would be an okay replacement if they actually worked in ET. The raptr and evolve overlay don't work in ET. The Evolve one works only when you're in the menu, once in a game it stops working. You can't turn off the sound on Raptr only while not in-game. You can either have the sound fully on or fully off. Annoying beep spam when receiving messages. Messages steal the window focus while you're typing in another window. It's basically the end for anything like xfire.

sure, IRC works.. but it has it's lack of features that xfire had mainly including in-game support and some people are too dumb for anyone to want to sit there and explain how to get on IRC.
my last experience with Xfire was when I won a QL tournament they hosted at QuakeCon 2014 gg
Your life couldn't be more depressing.

I knew you were gonna reply to this
Now you can add "psychic" to your resume in between "sandwich maker" and "came first out of 18 people in a 1v1 offline bring-your-own-computer tournament in 2014".
16 people* :(
i had it on my hdd for 10 years and never used it

good old times ;__;
whats best to use instead of xfire?
no clue.. not a fan of steam
RIP [*]
10 years of my life ;x
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