Holla, hope everyone's having a good day!

#Supski.et are looking to practice a little, but since the times that people play are kinda sporadic, it would make sense to find out the set days that teams will be on. (6on6)

image: a9Vrb-supski-large_180x240

our lineup for sumercup is:
United Kingdom darkrider
United Kingdom jam
United Kingdom fumble
United Kingdom ScarZy
United Kingdom garin
Sweden Tites
Netherlands IceQ
Belgium slayo
Canada rito
I sexually Identify as an owl. Ever since I first played with Supski as a young boy I dreamed of flying over ET maps. People say that this is impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I am having a biomancer alter me and give me wings and over time my body will become that of an owl. From now on I want you all to call me OwlQ and respect my right to hoard your treasure and kill anything and everything needlessly. If you can't accept me you are an Ornithophobia and need to check your privilege. Thank you for being so understanding
We can play Sunday 19:00 CET
juicy busted and you start suddenly play with a new Belgian guy :XD?
he is playing with darkrider
gl juicy
gl juicy aka slayo
darkrider returns!! :DDDDDDDD
The return!!
darkrider cheater
gl juicy
gl jam :)
Hum, add me to that list fumble mate. I'm gonna start playing ET a bit more now that there's the lan coming :D
darkrider hahahahahahahhaha

image: 5dpds0
Garin...did he finally loose virginity?
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