R.I.P. Larg0

With great sadness I announce that one of the old-school Enemy Territory players, Larg0, has died in a motorbike accident on Wednesday evening 15.7.2015. I've played with and against him years ago and we shortly talked about the old ET times 3 months ago at a World of Tanks event. Amazing eSports player and a great person! R.I.P. Larg0!

Larg0's ET fragmovie: ftp://ftp.ludd.luth.se/pub/misc/swertcw/movies/Larg0%27s_fragmovie.rar
Thats sad R.I.P Larg0
Rest in peace
Woow, really sad to hear. Makes you aware that you should enjoy each moment in life. Before you know its over. May he rest in peace. I wish his family and friends much strength in this period of time.
play games
win pocals
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then u can die anyday
Ameno BibleThump
R.I.P always sad when someone dies
even hitler?
especially hitler
man.. : ( rest in peace
can remember him! R I P Larg0!
Rest in Peace
RIP man i played with him long time ago he was a great guy. Really sad!! ...
Oh wow, he was actually a nice guy.
damn, i was just about to ask if that was Largo whose fragmovies I used to watch, then i saw FM link and realised it was him... sad news
RIP old teammate.
I just recently remembered some quote from him. o.o
Anyway.. this is terrible.
How old was Larg0? I just happened to drive by a place on thursday where someone had driven off the road in the day before, was a 24 year old guy and it was in the news too.

26 if i remember correct, born in 89
Shit , life is so short. It is just a moment.
Dreadful news, RIP Larg0 :(
Rest in Peace mate !
Rest in peace Larg0.
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