DB mixes

Hi there xfire.be folks!
Is there any irc chanel or other prog where ppl communicate for db mixes.
Really like the game and want to play a few mixes before i commit my self for more then pubing.

Oh yea been years since i played anything with other people,just soloing some hon/cs:go here and there so out of the loop alot hence this stupid question:P
u can add me on steam if u want, we play mixes 4/5 times a week or so
dirtycups pugs are great to learn thigns like comp meta and callouts aswell as people giving tips etc there a lot
Looks cool will try it tomorrow.

Played a few mix games tonight really like the game and for the first time in like 5 years i might actually get a team to play this one thing i dont get is how do you play team vs team?
Meaning is there a way to arrange/chose what team you want to play vs?
I may try to show some noobfags how we drive tanks at this computer game.
There aren't any characters with a French accent yet as far as I know. :( A lot of other stereotypes have been covered though.
I'm playing this game quite regularly. Feel free to add me. Steam: Squeekoya
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