New Pc and Notebook

whats up ladies long time no see just came here to ask to u guys my new equipment
and leave at the comment your thoughts
image: 11894563_457691834437665_6956119074152754551_o
image: 11728972_457691777771004_459030623516000745_o
My note aspecs
cpu: i5-4210H @ 2.9GHz~3.5GHz
ram: 8gb ddr3l samsung
1tb of hd
120gb ssd corsair neutron gtx
GeForce GTX 965M 2GB
Alienware 15

image: 11139386_457691727771009_6941148801051416031_n
my pc aspects
cpu: i7 4770 @ 3.4GHz~3.9GHz
ram: 8gb Corsair Vengeance Blue 1600 mhz / 16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 1600 mhz
mobo: Asrock z87 extreme 4
source: EVGA Supernova 80 plus gold 1000w
hd: 1tb 7200 rpm Sata 3 Seagate Barracurda
ssd: Corsair Neutron GTX 256gb
ssd: Ocz Vertex 460 480gb
GPU's: SLI PNY GTX 780 Ti (the gpu each one I payed 700 dolars on PNY site)
Cabinet: Corsair Carbide 300r
lol, that PC specs looks beast alike, atm Im planning on my new PC but probably gonna spend something like ur 1 GPU price on whole thing xd still gonna run everything on ultra

hf with it anyway
haha man yea the gpu is crazy, can run everything on ultra even just 1 and the funniest thing is I don't even play on my pc(just ET other games I play on my xbox one lol), my wife is the one that use it she is a architect and got run programs like autocad sketchup and thing the only thing that is still remaning me to put on the PC is a watercooler propably i'll put a h100i from corsair
yeah, that changes everything :D
my girlfriend's also studying architecture and her laptop is pretty sick aswell :P
Still Im not into laptop thing and I rly dislike playing on it, so Im not using it, but my old PC (bought it like 6 years ago) is not running newest games anymore, like GTA V or new Witcher ;( not to mention when we had to render some pics for her project, 1 pic took mine PC like whole night xd

But Im kinda happy anyway, building PC is great, I love spending time on choosing new parts :D
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Isn't gtx 980 still better and cheaper?
definitely is cheaper but isn't better well I would say its a nice fight but 780 Ti goes better in fps at mostly of the games
For sli 780 is stronger, useless though anyway since most of this weak shit is bottlenecking (especially when it comes to the cpu lane- gfx ratio)
and i make my living out of 500 euro each month
Niceman, bought with cocaine money?
Blackice SR-1 480

pair 2 of these with 12 12cm low-speed fans and u got super wc cheapo
Or 2x560 with 12x14?

but that pc is bad for render and work cad/max/maya you should invest in a couple m-boards with pico psu+ high clocked cpu like 4790k that gets you like 32-40 ghz for maybe less than 400€? and is much more energy efficient 2!

and plz if you play some games on low @ 4k you lucky no? :D,23.html
well mate my pc perform well on ultra in games 4k like GTA V ,Got a BenQ BL3201PT that test u showed is lame if u want I can download some game and run fraps hehe amd video cards are shit bro rlly, but thanks for the other infos and about render cad the pc perform awesome hehe
iam not a fanboy of either amd or intel or nvidia xd

17K$ FOR 60FPS @12K WTF BRO but you get the point if you read

if you are going to do single frame in cad or other things 1 pc is very good but if your going for animation +GHz -Time

anyway last top-end gfx i bought was nvidia 8800gtx 768mb gddr3 back in 2007 now that was akiller beast gfx for that time 999fps in et np :D
this CPU fan looks like shit..
never invested on that my cpu temperatures are all right if I would ever put some I will just go for a h100i watercooler and its fine
I also blame the vendors and others for overspend on pc. as soon as you venture outside crappy office type pc setup, it's a rollercoaster ride of parts and expenditure. Sadly, they perform rather badly, even after all that spend.
They run a bit better when u disable all the throttling on cpu and gpu + other tweaks as windows os so bad nowadays, so many things software emulated = lag.
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