Old crossfire account

Is it possible to get my old account back as I've lost all login details and don't have access to the same email address ? Any admins around who could help me out or anyone help? 0ver 10 years I've had the account not been on here for years as I joined the army n so on rNUK is my old account thanks!
How do you suggest we go about confirming it's your account?
Ahahaha used to work in Xbox support. You would not believe what stories ppl tell to get their email account back. Even if we could see that it was the persons email address our hands were tied :P
Have I got to accept defeat? :(
Are you a admin is there any way I can get it back?
Ah I see, trying to pull a good ole rito over here.
It is actually my old account but hey I've tried and it seems I can't so will have to accept defeat :(
Would be nice to have it back there's gotta be a way?
only way would be atleast to tell your email of that account
thats not 100% verification, but at least something
I should confirm his voice. You remember what we called sqzz back in the days due to his girly voice that made him furious?
And gyzr omg!
How you doin buddy I thought you were long gone hahaha
Going back some years here lol
Gyzr man I can't remember its been that long
I joined the army gyzr man and now I'm out back into civilian life. Do you still play its good to hear from you mate
yeah it is ^^ - good to see you back lol ^^
I never expected to hear from you because you were inactive before I left for the army so I thought that you just gave up altogether lol you legend haha
Welcome back from the army! Kinda the same situation I just picked a job instead. I tried to give it a go playing again during the summer, but it is difficult to find the motivation due to the lack of knowledge among other players and their expectation gamewise as the game sense has changed quite alot due to the increased technology development. Further on the teams are allready made.

We can play some casual games now and then when you have the time, I need to go to sleep ^^,

Welcome back
Yeah mate that would be cool!
Is there any admins that can get my old account back for me?
How can I help?

Have you already filled in the necessary lost account documents?
Where do I do that mate and cheers
Please fill in this document as soon as possible and upload the file here as a comment.

Click Here

For further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Fuck off man :D
Can you help me please
I've tried forgot password all that it's pointless because I can't get into the email account to reset the password n stuff
What does it matter, you have got an account now right? :S

cant do anything if your old email is not working anymore, you know
That account is prestige and original haha

the allmighty younggunz leader wont get his account back, somebody call the police
Haha that made me laugh!
rN :DDD Richie rich! yo man, welcome back to life!
Yo brooooooo!!
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:DDD how you doing bro :D ? u old as fuck now, got a wife and child? :D
Just saying hi to another oldtimer :P
My account is older than your old account!
Yes my nigga lol
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