Netherlands in EuroCup?

If the Netherlands Netherlands fail to win against Turkey Turkey today their chances of competing in the EuroCup 2016 will look very slim.

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What do you think? Do the Dutch still deserve to compete in the EuroCup after their awful games?
lowest ec ever
no chance
Lowest EC ever
hmm never noticed Kazahstan in previous Euro Cup, ET is everywhere as i see

Kazachstan lub Kazakhstan ty niedouczona kurwo z prownicji
Would be funny if Iceland made it into the Euros but NL didnt
They lost vs Iceland twice. So would only be fair.
Obviously, from the perfomance point of view and results, it would be fair - same as us being there, but honestly - the whole team would pay for the mistakes of Guus Hiddink
They don't deserve to be in the EuroCup if they perform like they do in the qualification
Will be an interesting match, the atmosphere is amazing in this stadium.
good start
edit: bahahahahaha
edit 2: mahahahahaha

erken sevinme ;-)

Edit: artık sevin ^^
Turkey are battering em, bye bye nl
image: giphy

See you Euro 2020
Do u have a link to the chart of all the 3rd places?
better than the cancer raging ukraine CiS faggots
Last goal was a foul but nvm.

3-0 Turkey

gg Nederland
This EC will be so crazy ;d
Laughing so hard Netherlands lost, fuck soccer anyway :}
To many 'Succes supporters' around here.
but these Czechs look at this ,look at this ^^

Someone heard the comments from the commentator after 2-0 Turkey?
Holy fuck what was that...
switzerland 3:2 slowenia after being behind 0:2

switzerland new EC winnermans
our typical donkies who can't hold lead for 10 min D:
They re horrible lol, never seen such a bad NL performance since ages and most likely wont even make it into EC.
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