what happened to cybergames?

Hey all,

Brumu reporting in. Feel like owning some noobs on braundorf.. : p. Where do the pros play now? like butchji and the finnishe ones, forgot their names...
efterlyst and that is dead
efterlyst and bio later on both dead omg and et death and no pros like butchji left on scene only noobs like testicles around anymore lolnob
if you want to play against butchji and fins, you have to play Dirty Bomb..
efterlyst dead? o0 bio dead? dammn... where is squalli?
going to lan with one4one a guess
they not attending any longer
ohh. well. damn
nice to see you brumu
Haha first cf comment in 6 years. Just waiting for a journal by me to comment all these years. Persistant '; ]
let's roll motherfuckrrr yeahhhhhhhh!!
Yes of course:D
u can find those "pros" on almost every dirty bomb public :s
1v1 me fucking nerd??
2016 and you still playing this game?
allways the bad guys (cheaters) come back in this game... sad
Brumu??? No zvay....
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