Nades delay, serious gaming Journal


currently i get forced to play some ET and i noticed some shit Nade behaviors, like i can't throw Nades on the Bridge on Goldrush or over the Roof/Wall on Supply etc. it feels like i throw the Nade 1 second later even when i do release it earlier, I didn't change anything in my CFG or on my Personal Computer.

The Madness is high when i see stats like 20 shots and 2 hits because i throw the nades against a fucking wall or on my self :D

Allahu Akbar and inshallah
QuoteThe Madness is high

i want to believe
I know what caused this mate.
Dirty Bomb, it completely fucks up your sense of playing ET.
I even tried to aim down sight, and I forgot I binded /kill in et on it...
bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff "
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack;kill;forcetapout"
You have /kill on mouse2? :D
Don't ask me why. i can't even remember why.
But yes, I do :'(
There's always a delay when you throw a nade in ET.
You should visit azur classroom
lol KITT, I played ET again yesterday and tried out what you were saying:

1) Confirmed:
Quote by kittNade 1 second later even when i do release it earlier,

I f*cking can't even throw nades anymore in ET. I made more TD than I delivered dmg to an oppo.
Those nades are so bad in ET. It's like you are throwing a 20kg rock or something, instead of a small 'throwable' nade.

2) Aim: I was shooting 48acc. Which was nice. But low on hs's.

3) I kept using DB binds. => I went prone sometimes, my game minimized (holding 'alt' apparently minimizes ET: nerver had that before though), i /killout in a fight i was easily winning,...

4) Still some assholes in this game, much more than you see on DB.

5) If you jump, doesn't it feel like you are little bit of floating in the air?

6) Some fights I kept jumping and shooting. Retarded in ET (spread increases). Annoying in DB for oppo.

7) Didn't take long, but one time I tried to TJ a wall.

8) I felt stupid, and annoyed after this... I ego quitted, started DB, played on min lvl 10 Stopwatch server
=> my aim seemed to be improved. For once I didn't need a DB-warmup.
Watch my latest stream. Kinda hilarious:
Hellfig cheater, hellfig aimbot,... I was so happy, haha :D
hm i didn't play DB much in the last weeks.

but for example i stay on Supply middle stage and try to throw it over the roff (where the rifle stands mostly) and i can't do it with 4 Engineers nade while i ofc adjust my cursor.
Same here.
but maybe you do have a cfg or mouse latency problem?
I'm just unskilled in this nades.
They fly out of your hand, like one sec when you released your mouse.
Kinda annoying.
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