MovieMaker needed !

Hello everyone,

My awesome mate and e-friend Aieuh, the rifle from the Pharaons/Loca team, want to have his own ET fragmovie.

If you have some free time and moviemaking skills, you are the man !

The demos are already sorted and ready to be uploaded on the website of your choice.

This is good materials, all matches the demos are from were offi.

If you are interested or if you know someone who could, please contact me here !

pm Francebowler , he is amazing at movie making
pm United KingdomArtstar , he is amazing at movie making
Do it yourself. It can be useful to learn for your own daily life.
Uploaded on 28 Oct 2014 @YT

12 Feb 2015 @ CF

just because

no need more
True, such enjoyable movies with 10mins of frags and mp3 with a pretty shit taste of music with no syncing or just barely synced movie with bad eye hurting cfgs with fucked up hitsound syncing, 5/5 best ever would recommend
i dont think there will be any good moviemaker to make it for free, so it wont be so nicely edited and synced, its 2015, i doubt they will take a month to make a movie

i rather watch 10mins of good frags with a good song than a 7mins movie with 2mins of flying cam, and 2 actions sync'd

sorry everyone cant be spielberg or Max
+fk u niggah go play 2v2 instead u nerd
well im just the kind of a guy who like to do things properly if bothered enough to start something :p not that I've actually made fragmovie ever by myself
me too but man, there is tons of thing to learn in moviemaking, it really take much times if u wanna do a good movie while learning how to do it ( cam, effect, colour & shit )

i liked to do mines, was happy to learn stuff, but it really take so much times :(
I know it takes time. I'm familiar with video editing, I've done editing and filming before, not just gaming related
Is he still around? Haven't seen him for ages. :o
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