Greece hasn't ended up last !

Hell yeah ! Greece Greece managed to avoid last spot with their stunning performance against (already qualified) Hungary Hungary !

Take that in your face, Faroe Island !
Hungary didnt qualify yet. They have to play 1 more match and win to qualify
1 or 2 matches?
i dont really know since i dont follow hungarian football, but as far as i remember only 1, cause we are "seeded"

cba to look it up
hmm, thought it was like 2 matches - one home and one away
well i meant we got 1 opponent to defeat, so yeah 2 matches
Two games, home/away as it has always been like that.
at "stunning performance against" I was a bit like, hmmm

but then I read "Faroe Island"

image: img-1639265-1-299c2911fb47b44db6afc7aa06227d4a,62,37
According to the UEFA's website, Greece still finished last in their group due to a 0/6 vs Faroer (LOOOL)

Rankings are based on results vs on another, not goal difference.
You took me down to the old cold reality... You should have let me in my dream, you bastard :(
welcome to life!
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