cpu gpu

what cpu and gpu should be enough to have 125 stable fps in ET while streaming and decent fps at csgo without streaming?
I would get components I can afford.
Now, my reward is 100e, pmme for infos to make payment.
I got an i5-4460 (3.2ghz) + 8gb ram + Nvidia GeForce GTX 750
Not expensive and can stream csgo without fps lagg
and ET? 125 fps stable while streaming?
Dude ... i had stable 125 fps with intel core2 quad cpu q8200 , 4gb ram , ati radeon hd 3600 series .. Deltorro's pc is like 4x better than mine lol ofc you would be able to play while streaming
If I can stream CS:GO without lagging / no noticable fps lagg, I should def be able too.

Keep in mind that my Macbookpro (Only windows on it, completely trashed) was able to stream ET with bout 76-125 fps (with a low bitrate on OBS tho)
thx for help, ill probably buy that "i5-4460 (3.2ghz) + 8gb ram + Nvidia GeForce GTX 750" and 144 hz benq :)
Np you're welcome, it's not the best of the best but it's good enough for me and pricewise it's not expensive :)
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