THIS IS ET - 2015

waiting for an hour because some admin thinks he's the fucking shit

demi hard
Wahahahahahahaahhaahahhaahah legend
mAus its 2015, EC players don't rule anymore, only Sebhes rules.

This is et is from another year.

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you can watch this epic video in the meantime:
Ha mAus kill that :D
So what exactly happened tonight? Missed the game, so I thought that it wasn't played and then I see this.Gg
What happen rofl?
Sebhes you being a piece of shit again?
taught by ohurcool
easily could have rubbed one or two out while you waited. Think of it as time gained rather than time lost! ;]
Drama about 1 hour? Can think of cups being delayed by weeks. Effort that guy put into Et gives grounds to treat him in a diffrent way than this...
Registered on here to agree with this.
Well its kinda stupid that they did delay the 6on6 seeding tournament because they played the 3on3 seeding tournament, we all know they couild have played the 3on3 after the 6on6 since they always play till midnight

EDiT: and xD trickjump did know aswell that rockit couldnt play any other day before lan than yesterday
I count at least three untruths in your reply, prime example of how people claim certain facts without actually knowing them
One hour delay happened so many times this year. Sometimes someone is 999, sometimes you need a merc, sometimes ddos, most of people are willing to wait nowadays cause we know each others and community is smaller than ever. However, when it's about very specific old EC players and thanks god not all of them, they just need to do their shit drama and cry for years.

Idd, you can see some teams who sign up at lan and are avi one day per week to pracc, they all want to play same day and they expect 'xD Trickjump to play 8 games in one day because 'xD are nerds... So basically we are nerds so we can play 50 games per days and adapt to everyone's schedule?
God no man, we got jobs/studies, and even with that shit we manage to play a lot. It is not sebhes's fault if people don't put more time into ET like 'xD.
It's just easy to blame admin when you are avi one or two days per week and when 'xD is willing play most of the days.

So yes your point of view is pretty bad.

tl;dr: If you can't wait one hour in your life in 2015 just don't sign up.
Really? Because Rockit is playing today...
thank you, I appreciate that
gotta agree a bit on kirej but also trying to point out another personal view on the point from me and maybe from others:

First of all without you, et would have been maybe dead with all the shit you organized and did for et, so its quite a horrible situation for you to get shitstormed that hard for every mistake you do, we all do mistakes and you dont really have any exp on the role as admin so its quite normal.

On the other hand you have to understand that 6o6 > 3o3 has always been for the etplayers or atleast for us. Especially when it comes to the seeding Situation, you have to watch that 6o6 is played on time and put the most effort into 6o6 and it just showed to me or to others that your 3o3 is more important than 6o6 grand final, i mean its 3o3.. nobody really cares.. atleast i dont really jusat playing.

Also i dont know about the fact that people say you violate the rules when it comes to your team, but it seemed for me that you put 200% into your team to arrange games and do what you want with using unallowed mercs delaying half hour before game and telling us you cant play.

Just pointed out some things, i dont care at all tho, wrote it for others maybe they can understand a bit another view of point here.

and peepz should not take everything so serious in a fucking ET 2k15 game, everyone should be happy that someone is out there and still doing something since everybody prefers to talk big and criticize everything and do nothing themselves, just spreading out negative comments or hate.

peace out
types an introduction,body and a conclusion
Says doesn't really care tho

I don't really care tho I'm just saying

thought the same :D
Rly, what do u guys expect if an admin is playing himself in a tournament what he is organizing.
Every admin should think twice before he makes decisions and every admin which is playing himself should think 3 times about decisions, cuz he has an even bigger responsebility.

In the few month, which i am following competitive ET again, i didnt even see the try of sebhes to be aware of complaints regarding the abuse of his admin rights.

Is he abusing his admin powers or not?
Should it be forbidden that an admin is playing competitive or even to be a member of a competitive team or not?

U cant await that ppl which are playing this game more than 10 years competitive to be quite, if there is an admin who doesnt care about their opinions. This has nothing to do with e drama.

I would rly prefer a few oldschoolers more than an admin like this.

Thx roger and out.
Luckily there is lot of people interested to be an admin and willing to use shit ton of hours for ET, they are popping around every corner.
Luckily there is lot of people playing on a high level and willing to use shit ton of hours for ET, they are popping around every corner.
Yeah, many of them obviously want to use time for admin stuff + playing themselves. I mean why dont we just pick those few old schoolers right now?
Admins have always played in the game they admin, how else would they be able to understand the game and create appropriate rules? And why would they want to be an admin it if they didn't love the game?
I didnt say that admins nowadays dont love this game and i never saw in the history of ET that an admin delayed a 6on6 grand final, cuz hes playing 3on3.
I dont want to comment every mistake and like kresti said he did a lot for this community, but remember my point that an admin has to think twice or better 3 times, before he does break his own "appropriate rules".

Just show the mob that u are a fair admin without any advantage for ur own team.
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Well played Sebhes. Show this belgian that he likes it or not Dutch rullz. Mausi I send you some waffles and jupiler beer to relax your ass muscles!
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