LowLandLions LAN Line-up

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After a lot of player issues we finally managed to field a line-up of elite eSports gamers.

Please give it up for:

LowLandLions 6on6 ET United LAN 2015

Switzerland Aquila
Belgium Kevin
Netherlands NoHead
Netherlands Ronner
Netherlands timbolina
Belgium ViKO

See you all in 2 days!
much wow, much skill
a lot of age too
Wonder why Mr.50acc 30% hs dropped out
Well holding angles and leaning will get u those stats
Not surprised either.
nice! gl boys!
gl nohead and ronner
This lineup is so old, they need to ask their grandchildren for permission to go to LAN.
gl Germany Keinkopf
oh and mr aquila too ofc :D <3
i know how you feel aquila...


ja, aber mittlerweile verstehe ich sogar 10-20% was die da labern. "kanker spel" 8 : ]
whahahahahhahaa... serieus ... zanger fUCKING rinus... dat moet toch echt een IQ van ongeveer 65 hebben.
great journal, was pretty informative
gl NoHead & Kevin! :D
gl GUYS nice to see Kevin and mr.NoHead gl mate :)
Cu there bro nohead!
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