Happy birthday Biitti!!

Hi :D

Today the greatest Finnish ET player ever lived, also known as FinlandBiitti, turned 26 or 27 can't remember.

Anyway, since many of you haven't heard about him since the last HB thread, it's time for a story.

Biitti was born many years ago in the capital of Lapland, Kemi. For those who don't know, Lapland = snow.

image: lapland-in-snow-istock-7

So there wasn't much for Biitti to do. He spent all of his childhood brawling with bears and drunk people and fucking biches. Then one day Lapland finally got electricity and Biitti got a TV and saw this cap guy skateboarding. So he became a skate boy, a pretty good one.

image: HraUyRy

One day he got invited to some skate competition in america (X games or something like that). During the pre-event party Biitti was drinkin bears like Finns do. However, the americanos didn't know how much Finns like their bears so they didn't acquire enough and Biitti got mad.

image: jXLte

He got so mad that he quit skateboarding for good and flew back to Lapland. During his time away, Lapland finally got internet and Biitti's nerd career began. The problem was that all of his money was going to bears and he didn't have money to buy games. Then the day came when he found about this free to play game called ET. Although the game was shit, he was forced to play it. After stomping noobs on pubs he got bored and decided to join a clan. Searching for the best one out there, he came contact with the power duo FinlandDonitsi and FinlandVesaz. The trio then formed the most feared clan in ET history known as #:O).

image: jD1QH

The years of dominance went by and the fucker went to jail and got married and was so hard under the shoe that he had to start playing CS and some other stupid shit gg end of story :D

image: GPGMtc6
Well that was accurate. Thank you my friend. :) <3
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