"lag" problem


I need your help CF community. I face several problems connected with my ET.
1) My fps were unstable so I've fixed problem following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fatWgBpvJg
It helped for while. After two maps problem returned so I had to restart my PC. Problem repeats all the time after few minutes of game. I have deleted PB at all.
2) Moreover, I have kind of lag problem. You may see it on screen below. Other soldiers besides mine are jamming all the time when this yellow trangle shows up. So basiclly I see opponent every "3 meters".

Windows 7 64bit
I kindly ask for any solution. All best.
image: lag
Try primitives 2 in console and try figuring out what makes you lag; wether its fps ping etc
fps prob is not interrelated to primitive... tried this way.
change com_hunkmegs 128/256 in config (not console)
make sure your rate is correct /rate - because afaik yellow bar relates a bit to that.
what is correct /rate? :)
also cl_maxpackets 100

Is this ET specific or do you have similar spikes/lags in other games? Have you tried other games?
i do not play other games ;( nothing works...
Pb_sleep 500 ?
doesn't help...
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